PTZOptics SDI Cameras

2nd Generation SDI PTZ Camera Line

Now available with 12X, 20X and 30X optical zoom lenses

High Definition PTZ Cameras

Introducing the industry’s most advanced live streaming pan, tilt, and zoom PoE (Power over Ethernet) PTZ cameras. Built for quality, made for professional video productions.

PTZ Camera Systems

PTZOptics SDI camera models are some of the most popular PTZ cameras ever made. With game changing optics and high-quality video outputs… video professionals are able to create PTZ camera systems that innovate on multiple levels.

What is a PTZ camera? How have PTZ cameras changed video production? Video production experts are now able to deploy PTZ camera systems that allow a single camera operator to quickly access remotely controls for IP or serial connected robotic cameras. PTZOptics HD PTZ cameras are ushering in a new generation of possibilities with PTZ camera controls and connectivity never before available.


Best PTZ Camera Practices

In just 10 minutes, see how easy it is to set up this advanced live streaming camera to work with your video production workflow. Using IP or serial connectivity see how you can set up PTZ camera controls to work for you.

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Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

PTZOptics® PTZ SDI Camera Models

Quick Start Guide Where to Buy
SKU: PT12X-SDI-GY-G2 (Gray)
UPC: 737993158769
MSRP: $1,759
SKU: PT12X-SDI-WH-G2 (White)
UPC: 737993158790
MSRP: $1,759
SKU: PT20X-SDI-GY-G2 (Gray)
UPC: 737993158882
MSRP: $1,869
SKU: PT20X-SDI-WH-G2 (White)
UPC: 737993158912
MSRP: $1,869
SKU: PT30X-SDI-GY-G2 (Gray)
UPC: 737993161059
MSRP: $1,979
SKU: PT30X-SDI-WH-G2 (White)
UPC: 737993161066
MSRP: $1,979

Designed for flexible live streaming and video production environments. PTZOptics quality optical lenses and control capabilities provide endless possibilities for high definition broadcasting. The 3G-SDI models can be NDI™ upgraded or come native with NDI™ capabilities. For more information, see the NDI page.

Consider controlling this PTZ camera with one of our PTZ controllers (IP Joystick | Serial Joystick). Once connected to your LAN (Local Area Network) you can also control this camera with our free PTZ control applications for Mac and PC OR with a compatible video production software such as vMix, Wirecast, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), NewTek Tricasters, MimoLive and more. You can also extend video and control of your PTZ camera wirelessly using the new WirelessCable.
Please note: The 30X is unable to perform simultaneous 1080p 60fps over SDI / HDMI & the IP Stream. When utilizing 1080p 60fps on either of the outputs, the other output must be set to a maximum of 1080p 30fps.
High Definition
3 Year Warranty
Wide Angle Lens
Power Over Ethernet
H.264 & H.265
iOS/Android Control App

PTZOptics Camera Integrations

What mobile devices can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Mobile Device Integration
Android Devices (learn more)
Kindle Devices (learn more)
iOS Devices (learn more)
What computer programing languages can I use to control my PTZ cameras?
PTZ Computer Programming Languages
HTML/CSS (learn More)
Javascript (see an example on GitHub)
Python (see an example on GitHub)
Visual Basic (see an example on GitHub)
Learn more about computer programming languages used for robotic PTZ camera controls here.
What software can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Software Integration
Ableton Live (MIDI App) Apple/Mac Computers (learn more)
Bitfocus Companion (learn more) EasyLive (RTMP)
Facebook (RTMPS) Google Chrome (most modern web browsers)
Livestream Studio (learn more) Logic (MIDI App)
MimoLive (learn more) OBS (learn more)
ONVIF Device Manager (must turn ONVIF ON) Open Source (see open source code)
OpenCV (RTSP and USB) Pro Tools (MIDI App)
Rocosoft (USB and IP) Touch Designer (learn more)
Twitch (see extension) VLC (RTSP and Capture Cards)
vMix (learn more) Windows Computers (learn more)
Wirecast (learn more) YouTube (RTMP)
What hardware can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Hardware Integration
AJA (SDI or HDMI) Black Magic (see video)
Echo360 (SDI Capture Boxes) Epiphan (learn more)
LiveU (SDI or HDMI) Magewell (learn more)
NewTek Tricaster (learn more) Roland (learn more)
SlingStudio (learn more) Wirecast Gear (learn more)
What control protocols can I use to control my PTZ cameras?
PTZ Control Protocols
DMX (via Arnet / TouchDesigner) HTTP-CGI (learn more)
MIDI (learn more) ONVIF
PELCO-D (learn more) PELCO-P (learn more)
PTZOptics VISCA (learn more) PTZOptics VISCA over IP (learn more)
What controllers can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Controller Integration
Crestron (see control codes)
Extron (see control codes)
HuddleCamHD Serial Joystick (learn more)
PTZOptics IP Joystick (learn more)
Skaarhoj (over IP)
StreamDeck (learn more)
XBox Controller (learn more)
Xkeys (w/ vMix or Wirecast)

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Unparalleled Versatility

Remote camera control options when and where you want them. Use PTZ controls built-in to your favorite video production software such as OBS, Livestream Studio, Wirecast, vMix, Mimolive or Tricaster. Or check out one of our hardware joystick controllers such as the IP-JOY or Serial Controller. Try our free IP Camera Controllers for Mac, PC and OBS (Plugin) here.

Check out our Gen 3 IP Joystick!

3G HD-SDI Camera PTZ

Be seen in 1080p

Crystal clear High Definition 1080p video with lossless 12X/20X optical zoom letting you get up close to see and interact with your team. See optical zoom chart below for detailed image enhancement calculations.

Simultaneuos Video Outputs HD-SDIThree Simultaneous Video Outputs

Simultaneously produce 1080p60fps video from HDMI, 3G-SDI and multiple H.264/H.265/MJPEG IP Streams for maximum flexibility.

HD-SDI PTZOptics Connection3G-SDI

3G-SDI is a preferred cabling for 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second run over long distances.

12X Field of ViewWide Field of View

The 12X models offer a wide field of view with the ability to zoom into narrow a 6.9°. The 20X Models offer a wide 60.7° FOV with a tight 3.36° FOV.

PoE Power Over EthernetPower Over Ethernet

PTZOptics HD-SDI camera models also include PoE (Power Over Ethernet) which can learn more about here. The Ethernet port can be used for power, control and video/audio streaming.

ios PTZ Camera appSmartphone Camera Apps

PTZOptics has an updated iOS camera control app is available here. The app is not included free with each camera cost. This app is also available for Android here.

RS-232 PTZOptics Camera ControlRS-232/RS-485 Camera Control

Every PTZOptics includes in/out RS-232 ports and a RS-485. These ports use VISCA commands to integrate with larger control systems such as Crestron and Extron. We even have pre-built modules available for download here.

HDMI PTZOptics ConnectionHDMI Video Connection

Every PTZOptics camera comes with a HDMI video output capable of video resolutions up to 1080p.

RTMP Streaming from Camera to YouTubeLive RTMP Streaming

Every PTZOptics camera has the ability to live stream directly from the camera to your favorite CDN. Simply plugin your CDN’s RTMP Streaming information into the IP interface of your camera and start streaming! (See this tutorial video).

audio embed HDMI and Ethernet Outputs3.5mm Audio Input

Every PTZOptics camera comes with a 3.5mm audio input you can use to embed audio. The HD-SDI models support embedding audio via a line level input onto HDMI and Ethernet for IP Streaming.

ptzoptics h.265 cameraIP Video Streaming

Cameras include h.265 “High-Efficiency Codec” IP Streaming along with h.264 and multicast streaming. Taking things a step further we offer our software open source so developers can customize any experience.

3 Year Warranty3 Year Warranty

PTZOptics offers the industry’s best 3 Year Warranty. Repairs are handled in our USA repair center located outside Philadelphia, PA.

3 Year WarrantyBroadcast Frame Rates

PTZOptics offers a firmware upgrade to broadcast frame rates for current G2 SDI-Out PTZ cameras.

Photobooth Capable

The PTZOptics cameras are able to capture and store still and moving image recordings (as .jpg and .mp4 files, respectively) locally to the camera’s internal memory for retrieval via the camera’s network port.

Frequently Asked SDI Camera Questions

Are these PTZ cameras PoE?

Yes. PTZOptics SDI cameras support PoE (Power over Ethernet). Therefore you can run a single Ethernet cable to power PTZOptics SDI cameras connected to a PoE network switch (802.3af/at).

Can these PTZ cameras be controlled over the network?

Yes. Once your PTZOptics camera is connected to the network you can control the pan, tilt, and zoom and more functionality over IP.

Does this PTZ camera include an IR remote control?

Yes. All PTZOptics PTZ cameras include an IR remote control and batteries to control the camera. This IR remote control can be used to operate the pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities of the camera and call PTZ camera presets. Each IR remote can be set up to control up to 4 PTZ cameras within close range of the remote control.

Can this PTZ camera output video at 60 frames per second?

Yes. PTZOptics SDI cameras can output full HD video resolutions of 1920×1080 video with frame rates up to 60 FPS. PTZOptics SDI cameras can output video up to 1080p at 60fps via HDMI, SDI and IP video (RTSP/RTMP/NDI | HX).

Does this PTZ camera support broadcast frame rates?

Yes. PTZOptics SDI camera models can output video with broadcast frame rates. This feature is currently in beta and requires the latest firmware. You may need to update your PTZ camera firmware in order to output broadcast frame rates. Broadcast frame rates include 59.94 fps and 29.97 fps.

Can this PTZ camera live-stream directly to Facebook or YouTube?

Yes. PTZOptics cameras can be set up to live-stream directly to almost any RTMP server based CDN (Content Delivery Network). To add audio to your cameras RTMP or RTMPS stream you should use a powered line level audio source connected to the 3.5mm audio input on the camera.

Are these PTZ cameras upgradeable to support NDI?

Yes, you can upgrade any second generation PTZOptics SDI camera to support NDI. In order to do this, you must purchase an NDI license (SKU: PTG2-NDI-UPGRADE). Once you have a license your camera firmware will require an upgrade.

Is there software we can use to control the PTZ cameras?

Yes. PTZOptics offers multiple free applications you can use to control the pan, tilt and zoom functionality of PTZ cameras with your Mac or PC computer. You can learn more about our free applications here.

Is there a smartphone app you can use to control these PTZ cameras?

Yes. There is an application available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices called PanTiltZoom that we recommend for pan, tilt and zoom camera operation of these cameras with smartphones. You can learn more about that application here.

What is a PTZ Camera?

A PTZ camera is a robotic camera that allows operators to control the pan, tilt and zoom functionalities remotely. Our PTZOptics’ engineers have written this blog post to explain PTZ cameras in more detail.

Can you get audio in/out from these PTZ cameras?

There is line level audio into the PTZOtpics camera that can be accessed via HDMI, USB, and IP streaming.

Can you leave PTZ cameras on for an extended period?

There are no known issues with leaving the cameras powered on for an extended period of time (24/7).

Can PTZ cameras be used in harsh outdoor weather conditions?

The cameras are not weather/water resistant. We recommend using the Dotworkz Outdoor Enclosures if you intend to use the cameras in inclement weather.

Can you control PTZOptics cameras with vMix?

Yes. You can control PTZOptics cameras with the 4K or professional versions of vMix. vMix can control the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functionalities along with recalling camera presets. You must know your camera’s IP address in order to control it with vMix.

Unlock the Power of Network Control

Take full control of your robotic PTZ camera with these resources…

Watch our IP video series here

Camera Comparison Charts

Field of View Calculator

What is the distance from the camera to the subject?

All distances in feet

12X Lens

Width -
(w) 23.8
(w) 17.6
Height -
(t) 3.0
(t) 1.7

20X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8

30X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8
Terms - *Telephoto (Fully Zoomed In) – *Wide (Fully Zoomed Out), Height and Width refer to image height/width at given object distance.