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What is a
PTZ Camera?




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A PTZ camera is a pan, tilt, and zoom robotic video camera that can be controlled by a remote operator. A PTZ camera can pan horizontally, tilt vertically and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixelation. These cameras are designed to make broadcast quality affordable because they allow for an easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming.

HOW ARE THEY USED? Camera Line Basics  


Features and Benefits

Affordable Video Production - Quality made easy

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Compact, discreet and portable
  • Easy to connect with HDMI, SDI, USB, NDI, or IP video


The ability to control PTZOptics cameras with an included IR remote control, a smartphone app, or your favorite video production software makes capturing the moment easier. Designed to make broadcast quality affordable. PTZOptics cameras put you in control of your next video production.

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Small, compact, discreet and portable
  • Easy to connect with HDMI, SDI, USB, NDI®, or IP video


Installation of PTZOptics cameras is easy. Follow these simple steps to success:

  • Before purchasing, choose the correct lens magnification for your project. Use our optical zoom calculator here
  • Choose your camera mounting location & hardware here
  • Watch the setup video and install your camera
  • Connect your joystick, software, or smartphone controller
  • Test your system


PTZOptics has several ways you can reach us if you have any questions about your production project. Connect with us via:

Discover the future of camera control with PTZOptics Hive.

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Future Proof Your Technology

SDI is popular for professional installations because it features locking connectors and long cable distances. Also, USB to SDI converters can be used to bring the SDI video stream into a computer.HDMI video is supported with embedded audio for PTZOptics cameras. Audio can be embedded into the HDMI video using the 3.5 mm audio input using a line level audio source.The 3.5 mm audio input can be used with line level audio sources and embedded onto RTSP, RTMP, HDMI and USB video feeds. Audio adjustments can be made in the camera’s web interface.Serial control ports are available for RS-232 and RS-485 camera controls.NDI enabled PTZOptics cameras provide NDI high efficiency connectivity with any NDI software or hardware systems. RTSP is a real time streaming protocol used to send video and audio over your network. RTSP video can be used with OBS, the SuperJoy or even the free PTZOptics apps.PTZOptics USB cameras can be used with any software that supports plug and play webcams. The USB connection on PTZOptics cameras also supports UVC camera control.RTMP(S) live streaming is available directly from any PTZOptics camera. At least two RTMPS streams can be sent to content delivery networks such as Facebook or YouTube. SRT is also available with all PTZOptics cameras for sending video over the public internet.Ethernet connectivity is available for camera control and configuration, as well as streaming. SDI and NDI camera models feature PoE (Power Over Ethernet) support.

PTZOptics cameras are able to accommodate a wide range of use cases so our customers can remain flexible as their technology requirements evolve. New innovations are regularly delivered to our customers via free and convenient product updates. Whether you are setting up a live stream or a video conference space, PTZOptics cameras are able to deliver on your project specifications for today and tomorrow.

Live Streaming

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Camera Applications
For Advanced Controls

PTZOptics Desktop Camera Control

Advanced PTZOptics camera controls with live video preview and panoramic preset support.

OBS Plugin

Advanced PTZ camera controls, hotkeys support, and much more available inside of OBS.

Mobile Apps

Advanced wireless PTZ camera controls from your iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

PTZOptics is Committed to Sustainability

At PTZOptics, we’ve been expanding our use of eco-friendly packaging across our products. All of the packaging included with your product – including the box, packing material, and bags – are made with recycled and eco-friendly materials. We encourage you to recycle your PTZOptics product packaging using your local laws and guidance.

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up with an email containing a link to your free copy of The Unofficial Guide to Wirecast!

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up with an email containing a link to your free copy of The Unofficial Guide to OBS!

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Don’t see your country listed? Call us directly at +1 (484) 593-2247 (international call fees may apply) or email us at [email protected].

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Don’t see your country listed? Call us directly at +1 (484) 593-2247 (international call fees may apply) or email us at [email protected].