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PTZOptics is a manufacturer of robotic pan, tilt, zoom camera solutions for a variety of broadcast applications, including both video production and live streaming. Established in 2014, PTZOptics disrupted the professional audio visual industry when a group of engineers from a highly-respected systems integration firm created the first in a portfolio of cameras that was a part of their vision to create a “swiss army knife” for the complex needs of broadcast landscapes. Headquartered in Downingtown, Pa., the start-up quickly eclipsed some of the biggest brands in the growing PTZ camera category. With global distribution in more than 50 countries, PTZOptics has produced industry leading resources, including the StreamGeeks livestream series. 

PTZOptics’s Paul Richards has written several explorative books on industry hot topics, such as “Helping Your Church Live Stream” and “Esports in Education.” His team also produces the quarterly Worship Summit, which brings together thousands of church leaders and volunteers across the world. PTZOptics is the sister-company to HuddleCamHD, manufacturers of professional video conferencing cameras.

Meet Our Team

Joseph Mulcahy

Director of Operations

Paul Richards

Director of Marketing

Matthew Davis

Director of Technology & Information Systems

Patrick Kirby

International Business Development

William Golde

Director of Channel Development

John Reese

Domestic Channel Account Manager

Tess Protesto

Industry Relations

Julia Sherwin

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

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