PTZ Camera Wall Mounts

Universal small-base PTZ camera mount

SKU: HCM-1-xx   Data Sheet | Manual

xx =BK (Black) or WH (White)

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MSRP: $99
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MSRP: $99

PTZOptics Camera Wall Mounts

These modern camera wall mounts will exceed your expectations and deliver a reliable solution you can count on.

The universal design includes an industry-standard quarter-twenty (1/4-20) camera attachment that works with most small based SONY, Panasonic, DataVideo, Vaddio, and PTZOptics cameras. This wall mount is available in both white and black to accommodate multiple camera types and seamless design aesthetics. Designed to mount directly to most walls or standard U.S. double-gang boxes with the supplied hardware included with each product.

Professional PTZ Wall Mounts

Reference the included manual for detailed installation instructions. All necessary hardware for Masonry, Drywall, and electrical box installation is included.

This camera wall mount features a 5 11/16″ metal tray custom-designed for PTZOptics cameras. Four mounting holes on the back of the camera wall mount have been drilled into heavy-gauge steel with horizontal and lateral leveling slots. Experienced audiovisual installers will quickly see how easy these mounts are to reliably mount PTZ cameras that are level and secure.

Wall Mounted PTZ Cameras Done Right

Convenient cable access holes have been prefabricated for camera installations. Cable access holes are available under the mount and through the wall to create the “clean” installation look. With a three year warranty on every mount, we stand behind the quality of these camera mounts.

Please note: Cameras wider than 5 11/16″ should consider the HCM-2 large camera mount.

When a Simple Design, is the Simply the Best

As soon as you hold this 1.9 lbs (861 gram) camera mount you can tell that it is of high quality. Check the last two letters of your part number which signifiy the mounts color. Select HCM-1-BK for black and HCM-1-WH for White.

Please note:We highly recommend using the included drywall anchors to increase installation strength with supplied screws.

Everything you need from a company you trust

Here is a list of hardware that we include to make sure you are ready for any mounting scenario. Reference out manual here for more information.

  • Qty 1 – Small Wall Mount
  • Qty 1 – 1/4 20 x 3/8”
  • Qty 2 – 1/4” washer
  • Qty 4 – #10 x 1 1/4” screws
  • Qty 4 – #10-12 x 1” conical plastic anchors
  • Qty 4 – #6 washers

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