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Centralized Control and Streamlined Workflows

Streamline your workflows with Hive. Real-time collaboration allows you to work in sync on live video – from the comfort of your home or right on set.

"Hive-Linked" Hardware Advantage

Hive is embedded in PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant cloud control with no hardware, plugins, or extra software needed.

Best in Class Camera Control, From Anywhere in the World

Advanced framing and color correction tools help you bring out the best of your camera. And you can do it from anywhere, anytime.

Connect. Control. Create.

PTZOptics Hive revolutionizes video production by merging professional-grade camera control with real-time switching and recording. This unified platform allows for seamless connection, control, and creation from anywhere.

Camera Control Reinvented

Cinematic Control

Automate complex camera movements for easy cinematic framing. Our new framing tools make beautiful video production effortless.

Auto-Tracking On Any Camera

Leverage cutting-edge tracking algorithms and facial recognition for industry-leading tracking performance. The best part? It works with any brand of PTZ camera.

Cloud Control

Manage your cameras from any location worldwide with sub-300ms latency, making remote control as simple as logging in.

Unlimited Custom Presets

Organize and save an unlimited number of presets by category or shot type for quick access and consistency.

Color Correction Made Easy

Intuitive Color Tools

Our platform’s color tools are designed to provide standard color control that works seamlessly across camera makes and models.

Live Color Adjustments

Make live adjustments to your camera’s color settings and create presets that adapt to various production environments.

Advanced Color Matching

Employ sophisticated color matching across multiple cameras to achieve a cohesive look throughout your production.

Image Presets

Leverage image presets and fine-tuning options to achieve the perfect aesthetic, reflecting your brand’s identity or the event’s mood.

Video Switching and Recording

Seamless Video Switching

Choose from different transitions or switch between multiple cameras in real-time. PTZOptics Hive is perfect for pre-recorded and live productions.

RTMP Streaming

Hive supports RTMP streaming, enabling direct live streaming to popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.

ISO Input Recording

Hive offers individual input and output/stream recording locally. This flexibility ensures that no critical content is missed.

NDI® Outputs

Output up to 4K at 60fps, ensuring seamless integration into popular production software like OBS, vMix, and more.

Effortless Setup and Broad Support

Instant Camera Discovery

Add any camera model or brand in seconds through Hive Studio’s auto-discovery feature.

Customized Controls

Whether you’re using an Xbox controller or StreamDeck, design your workflow with personalized hotkeys for a control experience that’s uniquely yours.

Cross-Brand Compatibility

Not limited to PTZOptics or PTZ cameras, Hive supports a growing list of over 400 major camera models.

Unified Interface

Camera management is a breeze with Hive’s user-friendly interface that adapts to your make or model of camera.

Best in Class Tracking

Cinematic Movements

Harness the power of cutting-edge algorithms that ensure your subject is never lost, even in the most dynamic environments.

Simplified Tracking Interface

A user-friendly interface allows for quick subject selection, letting the camera handle the complexities of movement and focus.

Detection and Continuity

Advanced detection capabilities guarantee that subjects re-entering the frame are quickly recognized and tracked, creating cinematic movements.

Make Old Cameras New Again

Hive extends the lifespan of your older PTZ cameras, enabling them to harness new functionalities like auto-tracking.

Next-Level Studio Management

Multi-Studio Management

Oversee multiple studios or locations remotely through PTZOptics Hive, a unified platform enhancing coordination and oversight.

Intelligent Alerts & Equipment Oversight

Benefit from proactive notifications and an enhanced management system that keeps you ahead of potential issues.

Local Mode

Local Mode enables even lower latency and higher quality video processing using your computer’s resources and local network.

Manage Audio

Easily add and manage all audio devices in your workflow. Control and monitor audio levels for live streams or recordings.

Redefining Remote Production

Easy Collaboration

Oversee multiple studios and locations from anywhere in the world, or share a time-limited link to your studio with other users, granting them access wherever they may be.

Instant Access Anywhere

Hive works in any browser, anywhere in the world. Just login, and you can access your video feeds and camera controls instantly. It’s that easy.

No Extra Hardware Required

Hive is built into the Move SE, Move 4K and Link 4K PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant connection to Hive without any additional hardware required. Just plug in your camera and you’re ready to go.

Hive-Linked Camera Benefits

Eliminates On-Site Computers

Hive-Linked cameras connect directly to the Hive, removing the need for on-site computers.

Simplified Remote Management

Enjoy easier remote management of your cameras with Hive-Linked technology, ensuring seamless control from anywhere.

Reduces Overall Costs

By eliminating the need for additional hardware, Hive-Linked cameras help reduce your overall production costs.

Ideal for Remote Production

Hive-Linked technology is perfect for remote production, providing reliable and direct connections for distributed productions.

Features and


Contact your PTZOptics representative for introductory pricing available from June through August!

Free Studio

  • Monthly Price: Free
  • Yearly Price: Free
  • 1 Video Input
  • Manual Tracking
  • 5 Team Members
  • 5 Hours of Remote Usage
  • Overage Costs*: $0 (cannot exceed 5 hour limit)

Standard Studio

  • Monthly Price: $55 $25/mo
  • Yearly Price: $599 $270/yr
  • 3 Video Inputs
  • 1 Input Auto-Tracking
  • 10 Team Members
  • 25 Hours of Remote Usage
  • Overage Costs*: $0.03 per minute, per source

Professional Studio

  • Monthly Price: $145 $99/mo
  • Yearly Price: $1595 $999/yr
  • Unlimited Video Inputs
  • Unlimited Auto-Tracking
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • 99 Hours of Remote Usage
  • Overage Costs*: $0.025 per minute, per source

*Overage costs start once your plan exceeds the included remote usage limit.

Minimum System Requirements

The specifications recommended are designed for good performance under the following conditions:

  • 2-4 cameras via RTSP or NDI®
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Bitrate: 8,192 – 16,384 Kbps
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Key Frame Interval: 1
  • Bitrate Control: CBR
  • Auto-tracking on 1 camera
  • Up to 4 NDI® outputs
Operating System
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • MacOS 11 Big Sur
  • Linux Kernel version 5.4.0
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • MacOS 11 Big Sur
  • Linux Kernel version 5.4.0
  • CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel i3 5th Generation
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Free storage space: 300MB
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3500 or Intel i5 9th Generation
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Free storage space: 1GB

PTZOptics Hive is Coming Soon!

PTZOptics Hive

Studio EditionDocuments
Free, Standard, and ProfessionalQuick Start Guide

Hive-Linked Cameras

These PTZOptics cameras are Hive-Linked; they can be connected instantly to Hive, anytime they are plugged into a network (no application or additional hardware required).

Move SE

Advanced NDI® PTZ Auto-Tracking Camera

Move 4K

4K NDI® PTZ Auto-Tracking Camera

Link 4K

4K Dante AV-H PTZ Auto-Tracking Camera

Below is a list of camera models compatible with PTZOptics Hive.

  • PTZ-NDI-X12
  • PTZ-NDI-X18
  • PTZ-X12-IP
  • PTZ-X20-IP
  • PTZ4K-NDI-X30
  • PTZ-NDI-X20
  • DL10
  • DL30
  • PTC115
  • PTC115+
  • PTC310
  • PTC310H
  • PTC310HN
  • PTC310HWV2
  • PTC310N
  • PTC310U
  • PTC310UN
  • PTC310UNV2
  • PTC310UV2
  • PTC320UV2
  • PTC330
  • PTC330N
  • PTC330U
  • PTC330UV2
  • PTC500+
  • PTC500S
  • PTZ310
  • PTZ310N
  • PTZ330
  • PTZ330N
  • P4K
  • A200
  • A300
  • P100
  • P110
  • P120
  • P200
  • P240
  • P400
  • X120
  • BC-9
  • 7 Series
  • B2-210
  • B2-220
  • B6-220
  • B6-420
  • B7-220
  • B9-418
  • BC-7
  • D2-210H
  • D2-220H
  • D220
  • D412
  • EX 1030
  • EX Ultra 230H
  • EX Ultra 248F
  • EX Ultra 420F
  • R9
  • VCC-2
  • CR-N100
  • CR-N700
  • CR-N300
  • CR-N500
  • CR-X300
  • BC-200
  • BC-80
  • PTC-140
  • PTC-140NDI
  • PTC-140T
  • PTC-150
  • PTC-150T
  • PTC-150TL
  • PTC-280
  • PTC-280NDI
  • PTC-285
  • PTC-285NDI
  • PTC-285T
  • PTC-300
  • PTC-300NDI
  • PTC-305
  • PTC-305NDI
  • PTC-305T
  • PTR-10
  • KY-PZ200N
  • KY-PZ400N
  • KY-PZ510N
  • VC-A61P
  • VC-A61PN
  • VC-A71P
  • VC-A71P-HN
  • VC-A71PN
  • VC-A71SN
  • VC-A50P
  • VC-A51P
  • VC-A53P
  • VC-B30U
  • VC-BC301P
  • VC-BC601P
  • VC-BC701P
  • VC-R30
  • VC-TR1
  • VC-TR40
  • VC-TR40N
  • VC-TR50
  • VC-TR60
  • VC-A61P (no freeD)
  • CV605
  • CV620
  • CV630
  • CV670
  • UV510A
  • UV950A
  • PTZ3 UHD
  • AW-UE100
  • AW-HE20
  • AW-HE38H
  • AW-HE40h
  • AW-HE40S
  • AW-HE42
  • AW-HE68
  • AW-HE75
  • AW-HN38H
  • AW-HN40H
  • AW-HR140
  • AW-UE150
  • AW-UE160
  • AW-UE20
  • AW-UE40
  • AW-UE50
  • AW-UE70
  • AW-UE80
  • AW-UN70
  • Move 4K
  • Move SE
  • Link 4K
  • Studio Pro
  • G2 PTZ Cameras (USB, SDI, NDI®)
  • ZCams and NDI® ZCams
  • EPTZ and NDI® EPTZ Cameras
  • N-Bot
  • SRG-120
  • SRG-X120
  • SRG-X40UH
  • Drive+ 4KN
  • Drive+ N 12X
  • Drive+ N 20X
  • Vision+ 4KN 12X
  • Vision+ 4KN 30X
  • Vision+ FN 10X
  • Vision+ FN 20X
  • Vision+ N3 20X
  • Vision+ N3 30X
  • PTZ3 UHD
  • LC4K-35W
  • UHV-450H-NDI-A
PTZOptics Move SE and Move 4K cameras are “Hive-Linked” with the latest firmware that can connect to Hive instantly. PTZ cameras from other brands can connect to Hive using a free Hive Agent. The Agent is software available for Mac or PCs which connects your studio to the local area network (LAN) allowing you to automatically discover cameras from AIDA, Aver, Bird-Dog, Bolin, Datavideo, JVC, Lumens, Marshall, NewTek, SONY, Winsafe and more.
When using your studio, you can choose between Cloud Mode and Local Mode, depending on your specific needs. Cloud Mode allows for seamless collaboration and access from anywhere in the world with minimal latency. At the same time, Local Mode enables even lower latency and higher-quality video processing using your computer’s resources and local network. Understanding the differences between these two modes is crucial for optimizing your live video production workflow. Cloud Mode streams video through the cloud, enabling collaboration and access from anywhere with low latency. Local Mode processes video locally using your computer’s resources and network, providing lower latency and higher quality.
No, in Local Mode, you need to be on the same network as the computer running the Hive app or Hive-Linked cameras.
You can switch modes by clicking on the Cloud Mode toggle in the top bar of your studio interface and confirming the change in the modal that appears.
Yes, you can have multiple users in a team accessing the studio in either Local Mode or Cloud Mode independently, while still seeing the same video feeds and audio playback.
NDI® Output allows you to send video and audio sources, including your preview or program feed, from Hive Studio as independent NDI® streams. This enables seamless integration with other software or hardware solutions. To start using NDI® Output, navigate to the top bar in Hive Studio, click the Start Output button, and then click the settings icon to configure your output settings, including selecting your video and audio sources.
Yes, you can select both video and audio sources to send out as NDI® streams. You can even opt to include built-in audio with the video source in a single NDI® stream.
There’s no inherent limit to the number of NDI® sources you can ingest. However, the practical limit is determined by your computer’s performance capabilities, mainly CPU and RAM usage. Higher CPU and RAM usage can occur when receiving multiple NDI® streams. Ensuring your computer meets our recommended specifications to handle the NDI® feeds without compromising consistency or quality is essential.
Yes, you have the option to include the built-in audio alongside the video source in one single NDI® stream for seamless audio-video integration.
Yes. In your studio, find and click the streaming button located in the top navigation bar, then click the settings icon to open stream settings. Choose the option to create a new RTMP destination. You will need to input the server, stream key, and, if required, username and password for authentication. After inputting the necessary information, select ‘Save’. This action adds a new RTMP source to your list of destinations. Note: Free plan users can add one destination, while Pro and Standard plan users have no limit. Choose the RTMP destination you wish to stream to and press ‘Save Changes’ to enable it. Click the ‘Start Stream’ button either in the top bar of your studio or within the stream settings page to begin broadcasting. You can add new destinations, stop, or restart streaming to any destination anytime by adjusting settings and saving changes.
Pro and Standard plan users can add unlimited RTMP destinations. You can manage these by navigating to the stream settings and adding or removing destinations as needed.
Locate the studio switcher in the top left corner of the Hive interface, click to browse the list, and select the studio you want to switch to. Your page will refresh, loading the new studio while keeping your previous studio active in the background.
Hover over the studio name, click the settings icon that appears, and a pop-out tray will let you manage all studio and billing settings.
In the studio switcher menu, select “Add New Studio.” Choose the organization and follow prompts to create your new studio.

You can invite users to your Hive with the following roles.


  • Owner: Full control over the studio, including managing collaborators, billing, studio settings, sources, and live production. The highest authority in the studio, typically the creator or agent linker, with comprehensive control over all aspects.
  • Admin: Similar to the owner, with capabilities to manage collaborators, billing, edit studio settings, and control live production. Responsible for operational management, including editing sources and handling billing.
  • Producer: Limited to controlling and switching between live video and audio sources during production. Focuses on content creation and management, limited to controlling live elements.
  • Viewer: Only video and audio sources can be viewed without control or edit capabilities—observational role, allowed to watch feeds without altering production.
Yes, an owner can change the studio’s owner by taking action within studio settings.
Access studio settings under “Users” or “Collaborators” to adjust roles.
No, they must request an Admin or Owner to do so, as their permissions are limited to production control.
This depends on the studio settings enabled by the Owner or Admins; viewers typically have view-only access.

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Don’t see your country listed? Call us directly at +1 (484) 593-2247 (international call fees may apply) or email us at [email protected].