Focus Calibration Tool

Recalibrate the focus on your camera with this tool.

The PTZOptics Focus Calibration Tool

Easily recalibrate the focus of your PTZOptics camera using this simple tool for Mac or PC.

  • Use with IP connected PTZOptics cameras after firmware upgrade or when required for focus recalibration
  • Tool features one easy to use connect button and focus calibration button
  • Follow instructions carefully when calibrating the cameras focus
    • Print out auto-focus calibration sheet here
    • Step 2 – Find a level location and tape the calibration sheet to the wall 1 meter from the camera lens
    • Step 3 – Plug your camera into the network and power. Turn the camera on.
    • Step 4 – Connect the camera to app and view video in preview monitor
    • Step 5 – Press the calibration button
Calibration App

Calibration App