Dotworkz Outdoor Camera Enclosures

Outdoor camera enclosure

Outdoor camera enclosure

PTZOptics cameras are made for indoors use, but with Dotworkz professional outdoor camera enclosures you can take broadcast quality cameras to the great outdoors! In the below video, we interview William Ferris CEO of Dotworkz and HDRelay to talk about outdoor camera enclosures. Dotworkz is a well known manufacturer for outdoor camera enclosures and has certified a SKU specifically for PTZOptics cameras. We will discuss the different options based on climate and location of your outdoor camera project for live streaming or video surveillance.
SKUs to select

  • D3-CD-HB (camera enclosure)
  • KT-CDR3 (Power Kit).

Many of the PTZOptics cucstomers have used these outdoor PTZ camera enclosures to set up video production systems in arenas, stadiums and sporting fields to distribute video from secure locations. We have had customers deploy PTZOptics cameras with long HD-SDI cable runs which are extended to the outdoor camera enclosures for safe outdoor usage.

So we have been asked to look for outdoor camera enclosures that will fit our standard PTZ camera base. We took a look into various manufactures and settled on Dotworkz who creates a IP66 rated outdoor enclosure that works for our PTZ cameras. You can learn more at and the two product SKUs you will be looking for are D3-CD-HB (camera enclosure) and KT-CDR3 (Power Kit).