PTZOptics Computer Vision Tool Chest

Give your camera the power of sight

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence that involves the development of models to enable computers to understand visual data from the world around us.

What is the CV Tool Chest?

The PTZOptics Computer Vision (CV) Tool Chest is a collection of models you can use with your camera. Applications for computer vision technology vary greatly and the PTZOptics Team is happy to help you become successful.

Take Auto-Tracking to the Next Level!

Computer Vision Example: Sports Video Production

Sports broadcasters often use computer vision to automate video switching in fast-paced environments such as tennis, paddleball, volleyball, and much more. We can help you use computer vision to track balls, sports players, and even horses!

Learn How We Can Help You Succeed with Computer Vision

Ready-to-Use Models

Explore our growing library of free computer vision models here. Have an idea for a computer vision model? We can help you build your own and share with our community. Fill out the project jump start form below to get started. 

Flexible Deployment Options

Once you have a model that accomplishes your computer vision goals, we can also help you deploy your model in the cloud or on an edge device. An edge device is a network-connected computer that can handle the compute power needed for computer vision.

Team On-Boarding

You can create and customize computer vision models to solve your unique use-case. You can use images and video clips from your camera to train your own model. Our team is able to help create your project in the cloud and on-board members of your team into a collaborative computer vision building environment.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom and now... Sight

With a short video, you can train a working computer vision model in an afternoon that is specific to your unique environment. 

Once you have a trained your model, you can use it to analyze live or recorded video to perform real-time tasks such as storing information in a spreadsheet, creating a notification, or even steering a PTZ camera. 

Need help with a custom deployment? Fill out the form below to schedule a project feasibility meeting.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

PTZOptics cameras are trusted by the world’s top industrial manufacturers. With computer vision technology, manufacturers can train models to automate processes and solve a wide range of problems.

Read more about PTZOptics Industrial Manufacturing case studies here.

More Computer Vision Solutions

Arts & Entertainent: Threat Detection
Industrial Manufacturing: Process Improvement
Healthcare: Surgical Assistance
Healthcare: PPE Monitoring
Manufacturing: Safety and Compliance
Automotive: Defect Detection
House of Worship: Tracking Congregation Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

A computer vision model can be used to interpret video coming from your camera. You can use existing computer vision models to achieve specific tasks, or you can create your own custom models based on your unique needs.

PTZOptics is excited to provide our customers with a growing library of computer vision models which will help our customers implement computer vision projects. You can connect your camera with computer vision models in a variety of ways, including through a simple web-browser connection.

You can easily clone a PTZOptics computer vision model and use it as a basis to create your own customized project. You can also fill out the form below to work directly with one of our dedicated computer vision specialists.

Once you have created a computer vision model you will want to deploy it. You can deploy a model locally on your computer using a deployment container, or you can use a simple browser which makes API calls to your cloud based model. Deploying models have a cost in the form of API calls ($.01/image) or deployment containers which start at $4,500.

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