PTZ Camera Mounts

Wall, Ceiling and Pole

PTZ Camera Mounts

Capture video from the ideal location with a camera mount for every scenario. PTZOptics proudly manufacturers PTZ pole mounts, wall mounts and ceiling mounts.


You will notice that our PTZ camera mounts feature cable entry paths on the back and bottom of each mount (with the exception of the flush ceiling mount plate). These rounded holes provide pathways for cables to connect to your camera through a wall or down a pipe. You can choose to bring the necessary camera cabling through the back area of the mount or from underneath depending on your installation scenario. Each camera mount also features an industry-standard quarter-twenty mounting slot and screw to attach almost any camera to. Simply place your PTZ camera on the mount and secure it with the included quarter-twenty screw which fastens to the metal mount base.


Professional PTZ Camera Mounts

Our universal camera mounts include all the necessary hardware for installation. The manuals include step by step installation guides for professional and secure mounting.



PTZ Camera Mount Types:


Wall HCM-1-xx $99
Ceiling PT-CM-1-xx $66
Pole HCM-1C $121

*xx represents the color of the camera mount. Replace “xx” with “WH” for white and “BK” for black.
When you open up one of our PTZ camera mounts you will find a detailed installation manual which outlines instructions for mounting your camera to multiple surface types. Our mounts also include all the necessary mounting hardware needed to install your camera to drywall, block, and hard surfaces. Each camera mount has been designed for flexibility allowing installers the ability to easily level each mounting location with specially designed slotted holes. These camera mounts have been designed by audiovisual professionals for audiovisual professionals.

Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

PTZ Camera Pole Mounts

This camera pole mount has been designed to install PTZ cameras to ceilings using a 1″ NPT pipe. This pole mount includes the ceiling mount, a quarter-twenty connection screw, a set screw, and all other necessary hardware for securing your camera to a 1″ threaded pipe.

Please note: that professional installation may be required for this product. You can run cabling through pipe or dress outside of pipe for a clean installation aesthetic.

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PTZ Camera Ceiling Mounts

Our ceiling mounts are ideal for capturing video from discreet locations on any ceiling type. Use the included hardware to mount directly to most ceiling types. Designed to fit a standard U.S 4″ square, round or octagonal junction box this mount will also work with European single gana boxes with any 60mm hole pattern.

Please note: This Universal Ceiling Mount was designed specifically as an ideal way to ceiling mount PTZ cameras. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, this mount comes with 3 year manufacture warranty.

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Wall Mounted PTZ Cameras Done Right

Convenient cable access holes have been prefabricated for camera installations. Cable access holes are available under the mount and through the wall to create the “clean” installation look. With a three year warranty on every mount, we stand behind the quality of these camera mounts.

Please note: Cameras wider than 5 11/16″ should consider the HCM-2 large camera mount.

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Color Options
% Professional

UPC: 053176516455
MSRP: $99
UPC: 737993158455
MSRP: $99
UPC: 053176516448
MSRP: $66
UPC: 737993160250
MSRP: $66
UPC: 737993157625
MSRP: $121

PTZOptics cameras can be mounted in various scenarios on walls, ceiling and even on poles. For a wall mounted solution select the HCM-1 in either black or white. For ceiling mounting you can choose from a flush mount (PT-CM-1) or a pole mount (HCM-1C). The flush mount is ideal for drop ceiling and the pole mount is ideal for vaulted or tall ceilings.

Professional Build
 Powder-coated Steel
 Installation Hardware Included

Universal Design

All of our cameras mounts are built to support the industry standard quarter-twenty camera connections. Each mount also fits a standard electrical box for professional installations.

Frequently Asked Camera Mount Questions

Which camera mount do I need to wall mount my PTZ Camera?

We suggest the HCM-1 camera mount to wall mount most PTZ cameras. This mount is available in white or black. The part number for white is HCM-1-WH and part number for black is HCM-1-BK. If your PTZ camera is wider than 6” you should consider the HCM-2 camera wall mounts. You can find more details here.

Which camera mount do I need to ceiling mount my PTZ Camera?

We suggest the PT-CM to ceiling mount for most PTZ cameras. This ceiling mount is available in white and black. The part number for black is PT-CM-BK and the part number for white is PT-CM-1-WH. You can learn more about these ceiling mounts here.

Which camera mount do I need to pole mount my PTZ cameras?

We suggest the HCM-1C camera mount to pole mount most PTZ cameras. This mount can be used to pole mount a camera to a 1” threaded pipe secured to the ceiling of your building. You can learn more about these ceiling mounts here.

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The video quality is great! The overall feature set is good...

Fred Clayton, Dana Hall School

PTZOptics are 33% less than Sony….and BETTER! I’m loving that.

Jeff Ellis, Stampede Presentation Products

PTZOptics are great cameras for the price. It's the complete package. I couldn't ask for anything more out of these broadcast quality cameras!

Phil Shoop, HSI Inc

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