SAVE Up to $700 on Select Products!

SAVE Up to $700 on Select Products!

Introducing PTZControl Pro 2

PTZControl Pro 2 offers an all-in-one solution for managing PTZOptics cameras from any iOS device.

Stream with Ease

This mobile app allows for easy setup and integration of multiple PTZOptics cameras. No need to use any fancy encoding software—set up your camera to stream directly to any RTMP server.

Preset and Voice Control

Set and call multiple presets with the app. These are saved to the camera’s memory and can be called and set through the camera’s IR remote. Summon presets using voice control with the addition of the PTZOptics Voice Presets Helper App.

Camera Manual Access

Gain instant access to documentation about your camera directly through the app for assistance throughout your production.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, & View!

Control your PTZOptics camera while viewing the video stream at the same time. PTZControl Pro 2 offers users a virtual joystick for easy manual control, or enable Tilt Control mode which allows users to control pan/tilt functionality with their own natural movements.

Image Adjustment Tools

Quickly adjust the image settings of your camera right from your phone with a live video preview. Easily tune brightness, contrast, and sharpness settings on the fly.

Fast Customer Support

The PTZControl Pro 2 app is easy to set up. If you have any issues, reach out to our support team at [email protected].

PTZControl Pro 2



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