PTZOptics Camera Applications

Below are several applications that can be used with PTZOptics® cameras. If you have any questions about the use of the applications, please feel free to submit a ticket or review our knowledge base articles.

Advanced PTZOptics camera controls with live video preview and panoramic preset support, uses VISCA over IP commands for maximum flexibility and greater control

The PTZControl Pro 2 app offers easy control of PTZOptics cameras from any iOS device. Set and call presets, make color adjustments, and access documentation with this all-in-one solution.

Advanced wireless PTZ camera control from your iOSAndroid, or Kindle device


Upgrade Tool

Download this tool to apply network firmware updates to the camera, as well as change the camera’s IP address (updated tool). For more firmware tools and files, please visit the Firmware page.

Use this software to set up auto-tracking for the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2, SimplTrack Lite, and HuddleView cameras.

Advanced PTZ camera controls, hotkeys support, and much more available inside of OBS

PTZ camera controllers that are dockable within the OBS interface. The included HTML files feature a variety of customizable PTZ controllers that can be used as with the OBS Custom Browser Docks feature. Custom Browser Docks allow you to place the PTZ controllers directly into the OBS interface.

This Twitch extension allows your audience to control your PTZOptics camera in Twitch.

Control your PTZOptics camera using MIDI commands from programs such as Ableton, Pro Tools, and more.

Use this tool to re-calibrate the focus of your 12X or 20X PTZOptics camera.

Allows you to search for active IP address of WirelessCables on your network

Use this tool in AMCAP Video Capturing App to test the camera’s USB feed.


Webcam Config Tool

Download this tool to control the camera settings on your webcam