PTZ Camera Pole Mount

Universal small-based ptz camera pole mounts


Where to Buy

PTZOptics USA Made Camera Pole Mounts

Find the ideal mounting location for your PTZ cameras with PTZOptics Pole Mounts

PTZOptics camera pole mounts are made in Pennsylvania, USA from high quality steel. The finished product is available with a white powder coat finish which is designed to provide a durable product that will last you many years. This mount has been designed to be compatible with almost all PTZ cameras which feature the industry-standard 1/4″-20 (Quarter-Twenty) mounting screw connection. Therefore this mount will work with all PTZOptics cameras and most small based SONY, Panasonic, Vaddio, Cisco, Polycom, DataVideo and Lumens cameras.

PTZ Camera Pole Mounts

This camera pole mount has been designed to install PTZ cameras to ceilings using a 1″ NPT pipe. This pole mount includes the ceiling mount, a quarter-twenty connection screw, a set screw, and all other necessary hardware for securing your camera to a 1″ threaded pipe.

Please note: that professional installation may be required for this product. You can run cabling through pipe or dress outside of pipe for a clean installation aesthetic.


PTZ Camera Mount Types:

Wall HCM-1-xx $99
Ceiling PT-CM-1-xx $66
Pole HCM-1C $121

*xx represents the color of the camera mount. Replace “xx” with “WH” for white and “BK” for black.


Beautiful installation options

Get the perfect mounting height and viewing angle for your camera using a pole mount attached to a secure mounting location. Professional installers can use long lengths of pipe to place cameras in the perfect locations.

Please note: PTZOptics Pole Mounts do not include pipe and ceiling flange needed for a complete installation.

small pole mt side
Slot for 1/4-20 machine screw. Secures camera to mount.
Mount Base. 5 11/16” wide universal metal.
Cable access. Conveinient cable access through pipe and mount.
Integrated 1″ NPT Nipple. Allows upright or upside down mounting.

What’s included with our Pole Mounts?

All of the hardware you need to attach your PTZ camera to an existing 1″ pole is included. Therefore you will receive the ceiling, a 1-1/4-20 mounting screw, a 10-32 x 1/4″ cup point set screw, a 3/32″ long arm hex wrench (for set screw) and two 14″ washers.

Please note: When attaching the pole mount to your 1″ pipe tighten until pipe can no longer be tightened with a pipe wrench. If you are using a 1.5″ plate or flange, you must use a 1.5″-1″ reducing bushing which is described in more detail in the included manual.

It’s not a pipe dream

PTZOptics Pole Mounts are designed by video production professionals for the most demanding applications. If you need to secure any standard small based PTZ camera to a pole, this is the camera pole mount for you. Please consider reading through our detailed user manual to learn more about how you can use this mount. You can mount your camera upright or inverted using the universal design and included quarter-twenty mounting hardware. Additional washers are included to make sure almost any camera can be installed properly and held in the desired location. Once your camera has been installed you can run cabling through the pipe or dress to outside of pipe for a clean installation aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Pole Mount Questions

How can I pole mount my PTZ camera?

You can use the HCM-1C pole mount camera with any 1” threaded pipe to mount your PTZ camera to a pole. Keep in mind that this PTZOptics camera mount does not include the pipe and ceiling flange required for a complete installation.

What hardware is included with this pole mount?

The HCM-1C pole mount includes a ¼-twenty connection screw to attach your PTZ camera to this mount securely. The mount also includes a lock nut and washers for a complete installation to your threaded pipe fitting.

Will this pipe mount work for a Sony or Panasonic PTZ camera?

This mount has been designed to work almost all small based PTZ cameras. If the Sony or Panasonic PTZ camera you would like to pole is larger than 6” wide you should consider the HCM-2C pole mount.

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