USB PTZ Camera Models



USB PTZ Cameras

Powerful HD PTZ cameras built with USB 3.0 connectivity for plug and play use with video recording, streaming and conferencing applications.


Powerful Controls & Optical Zoom


Our plug and play USB 3.0 camera models are built with ease of use and compatibility in mind. With game changing optics and options for video communication installations.

IP-Connected. Remotely control your camera with a variety of software and hardware solutions including your smartphone, free PC/Mac apps, and the Elgato StreamDeck.
USB 3.0. Connect with any cloud-based video conferencing software or recording application on your Mac or PC with USB. Supports video up to 1080p60fps. (Support UVC camera control over USB).
HDMI. Perfect for connecting to an HDMI matrix switcher or confidence monitor. Supports video up to 1080p60fps.
RS-285 serial PTZ camera controls.
RS-232 serial PTZ camera controls IN/OUT.
Audio Line-in. Embed audio directly into any RTSP/RTMP IP stream or into your HDMI video output.

USB connectivity is now available with options for HDMI and IP streaming in the latest USB PTZ cameras from PTZOptics. The combination of robust high definition video outputs and flexible camera control options are what makes this camera valuable. Realize the value of connecting this camera to any application just a webcam and enjoy the advanced camera control options which include iOS, Android, PTZ controllers, Joysticks and more.

Remote Camera Control

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Flexible Mounting Options

Designed to provide flexible mounting options with powerful remote control capabilities.

Learn more about our PTZ camera mounts below:

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Designed to accommodate plug and play ease of use and more advanced video communication workflows. See just how easy it is to setup on your network below.

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USB Products Overview


SKU: Optical Zoom Field of View USB 3.0 HDMI Network
PT12X-USB 12X 72.5° PoE* (RTSP/ RTMP)
PT20X-USB 20X 60.7° PoE* (RTSP/ RTMP)


*PoE power for the USB camera models requires an additional adapter from PoE Texas. You can purchase the GAF-PTZOptics to deliver PoE power to your camera.

PTZOptics® PTZ USB Camera Models

Quick Start Guide Where to Buy
SKU MSRP Documents
PT12X-USB-G2-xx $1,869 Data Sheet | Manual
PT20X-USB-G2-xx $1,979 Data Sheet | Manual

Ideal for web-based video conferencing and collaboration software solutions such as GoToMeeting, WebEX, Skype and Zoom but also for computer-based live streaming applications such as Wirecast, xSplit, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). PTZOptics quality optical lenses and control capabilities provide endless possibilities for high definition video communications. The USB 3.0 models can be NDI™ upgraded. For more information, see the NDI page.

Consider designing a custom application for this camera using our Open Source Control Software. Equip with IP connectivity this camera can be controlled remotely using an IP joystick controller. For scenarios where no local area network is available a Serial Joystick can be used for to provide remote PTZ controls. This camera can also be controlled with the included IR remote. This camera can be wall or ceiling mounted. Learn more about our mounting solutions here.

High Definition
  5 Year Warranty
 Wide Angle Lens
  Plug & Play
H.264 & H.265
  iOS/Android Control App

Optical Zoom Field of View Calculator


12x 20x 30x
Width Zoomed In
Width Zoomed Out

Note: *Distance in Feet. Image ratio 16:9.
1080p 60 fps ptz camera

Be seen in 1080p

Crystal clear High Definition 1080p video with lossless 12X/20X optical zoom letting you get up close to see and interact with your team.

Simultaneuos Video Outputs HD-SDIThree Simultaneous Video Outputs

The PTZOptics USB cameras can simultaneously send out 1080p video from HDMI, USB 3.0 and H.264 or H.265 IP Streaming for maximum flexibility.

PTZOptics USB ConnectionPlug-and-Play USB Connectivity

Easily connect the camera to your PC to use with cloud based video conferencing services such as: Skype for Business, GoToMeeting and WebEX. This camera is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 (1920x1080p 30fps *Must enable h.264 compression).

12X Field of ViewWide Field of View

The PTZOptics 12X lenses offer a wide 72.5° FOV with the ability to zoom into narrow a 6.9°. The popular 20X lenses offer a 60.7° FOV with the ability to capture a tight 3.36° fully zoomed in.

open source camera lineOpen Source Camera Control

All PTZOptics camera models include open source control software which allow users to create a custom controller. Learn more about our customizable open source code here.

ios PTZ Camera appiOS Camera App

PTZOptics has an updated iOS camera control app is available here. The app is not included free with each camera cost. An android version is available here.

Use your favorite softwareHuddleCam-Compatibility CheckMark

Works with virtually every online video conferencing software with no need for additional drivers or proprietary connections.

HDMI PTZOptics ConnectionHDMI Video Connection

Every PTZOptics camera comes with a HDMI video output capable of video resolutions up to 1080p.

UVC Camera ControlUVC Camera Control

Each USB PTZOptics camera comes with absolute UVC camera control built in. This allows for video and control over a single USB cable. This functionality allows for software like our PresetVisualizer to function.

RS-232 PTZOptics Camera ControlRS-232/RS-485 Camera Control

Every PTZOptics includes in/out RS-232 ports and a RS-485. These ports use VISCA commands to integrate with larger control systems such as Crestron and Extron. We even have pre-built modules available for download here.

RTMP Streaming from Camera to YouTubeLive RTMP Streaming

Every PTZOptics camera has the ability to live stream directly from the camera to your favorite CDN. Simply plugin your CDN’s RTMP Streaming information into the IP interface of your camera and start streaming! (See this tutorial video).

audio embed USB 3 modles3.5mm Audio Input

Every PTZOptics camera comes with a 3.5mm audio input you can use to embed audio. The USB 3.0 models support embedding audio via a line level input onto USB 3.0 and Ethernet for IP Streaming.

ptzoptics h.265 cameraIP Video Streaming

Now includes h.265 ‘High Efficiency Codec” and h.264 IP Streaming along with network camera control. Taking things a step further we offer our software open source so developers can customize any experience.

5 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty

PTZOptics offers the industries best 5 Year Warranty. Repairs are handled in our USA repair center located outside Philadelphia, PA.

Photobooth Capable

The PTZOptics cameras are able to capture and store still and moving image recordings (as .jpg and .mp4 files, respectively) locally to the camera’s internal memory for retrieval via the camera’s network port.

Praise for PTZOptics Support

It is SO nice to have a manufacturer that actually answers the phone and has support you can reach when you need them! A simple setup change that I couldn't find the answer to and 2 minutes later I was in business!

Jack Dastoli

Here's a shout out to the PTZOptics tech support team. They are incredibly patient and helpful. The quality of support is what sets you apart from the other companies.

Dan Slider

Just want to give a massive shout out to the PTZOptics Support team. I have been speaking with Sean and Jonathan on various occasions and they are awesome and super helpful. When you're wondering what equipment to invest in the quality of the after-sales support should always be a factor and PTZOptics, in my opinion, provides amazing after-sales care and support.

Peter Nardi

Frequently Asked USB Camera Questions

Can I control PTZOptics cameras using a video conferencing software like Zoom?

Yes. PTZOptics cameras support standard UVC camera control allowing you to control your PTZ camera from a Zoom Room ipad or in a far end camera control workflow. Therefore you can control your PTZOptics camera using most UVC enabled software over a single USB connection to your computer.

Can I use the USB and HDMI video outputs at the same time?

Yes. You can simultaneously output video from your USB PTZOptics camera model via USB 3.0. HDMI and IP video sources (RTSP/RTMP).

Is it possible to power my PTZ camera with a USB 3.0 connection?

No. PTZOptics USB camera models cannot currently be powered using a USB connection.

Will this PTZ camera work with Microsoft Teams?

Yes. This PTZOptics camera will work with any video conferencing software just as a webcam using the USB connection.

Does this PTZ camera support PoE?

No. The PTZOptics USB camera models do not support power over Ethernet.

Do the PTZOptics USB camera models come with 30X optical zoom lenses?

No. PTZOptics USB camera models are only available with 12X and 20X integrated zoom lenses.

Can I charge peripheral devices via the USB 2.0 port on these cameras?

The USB 2.0 port is not designed to provide a reliable source of power for external devices. However, some customers have had success using this port for charging small electronics.

Are the PTZOptics USB cameras upgradeable to support NDI?

Yes, you can upgrade any second generation PTZOptics USB camera model to support NDI. In order to do this, you must purchase an NDI license (SKU: PTG2-NDI-UPGRADE). Once you have a license your camera firmware will require an upgrade.


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Unparalleled Versatility

Remote camera control options when and where you want them. Use PTZ controls built-in to your favorite video production software or video conferencing software. Or check out one of our hardware joystick controllers such as the IP-JOY or Serial Controller. Try our free IP Camera Controllers for Mac, PC and OBS (Plugin) here.
Check out our Gen 3 IP Joystick!