Learn how to use your camera over IP

Review the basics and learn some advanced techniques.

Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized as your IP Production Grows

Reference your specific SDI, USB or NDI camera setup video for more information on camera details. This video includes tips and tricks for staying organized as your IP production grows and it compliments our recently published IP networking implementation videos. Therefore you may find it helpful to review your specific camera, producer kit setup or networking setup videos for more detailed information before you watch this video.

IP Networking Tips Video

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Setting up a professional video network with the super affordable TP-Link Archer 1200

Learn how to setup TP-Link networking equipment with the goal of properly configuring an IP based video production system for use with NewTek NDI enabled products and software. We have chosen networking hardware that is both affordable and reliable for IP video production. We will connect and configure a network router to properly support multicast video and a PoE network switch which can power up to 8 PTZOptics cameras. Let’s start by opening up our TP-Link Archer C1200 v3 which we will setup with mDNS and multicast devices.

IP Network Setup Video

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Free PTZOptics Camera App

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Check out the PTZOptics Robotic PTZ Camera Control App

In this video, we will review the new PTZOptics Camera Control App that is available for download today. This application which is available for both Mac and PC, was originally released as a BETA inside PTZOptics Facebook User Group. PTZOptics users from around the world have helped make feature recommendations which have eventually evolved in the application we have today.

Notable features include the ability to control up to 8 PTZOptics cameras over IP or USB. Users can select to control cameras with the included compact controller, an Xbox joystick controller or hotkeys on their keyboard. In compact mode, users have the ability to quickly switch between 8 cameras and select between 9 presets with image previews. In advanced mode, users can select custom camera pan, tilt and zoom speeds. Please note that exposure, luminance, and white balance settings, are still in BETA. We highly suggest using the OSD menu controls to permanently store your camera settings.

Learn how to use PTZOptics cameras built-in video encoders

Did you know that PTZOptics cameras have a built-in video encoder you can use to encode h264, h265, and MJPEG video? A video encoder can be setup to send video to a content delivery network such as YouTube or Facebook but it can also be used in many other ways. Video encoders can be used to stream video and audio to a central server which distributes media to end users around the world. There are many ways to use video encoders… learn about how you can use them in this video.

Using the Cameras Encoders

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Easy Operation

We made PTZ camera control easy enough for volunteers and advanced enough for broadcast professionals.

View our setup video to grasp the power of this IP joystick. Quickly read through our 18 page manual to see the attention to detail put into this product.

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Review the latest features of the NewTek NDI Studio Monitor for use with PTZOptics® NDI cameras and your favorite video production software including OBS, Wirecast, xSplit, TriCaster, Livestream Studio or vMix. The NDI Studio Monitor is an essential tool for video production professionals already using NDI video sources on their local area network. Studio Monitor is ideal for camera operators who want to gain a low-latency video preview of their PTZOptics NDI HX cameras located throughout their facility. Studio Monitor is also ideal for easily displaying a video output from your NDI compatible video production software such as OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Live Streaming Studio, MimoLive and many more.

NDI® Studio Monitor

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Plug and Play Wireless Networking for NDI®

Designed to provide 300 Mbps of low latency data transfer ideal for video production with the NewTek® NDI®.

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PTZOptics NDI Discovery Tool

Review the PTZOptics™ NDI™ JSON Editor which is a new tool available from PTZOptics to help solve NDI discovery issues on your network. If you have ever had an issue with the discovery of NDI sources on your networking, this tool can help. This tool will help you to create a static entry for a PTZOptics NDI|HX™ camera when automatic discovery is unable to locate your PTZOptics NDI|HX™ camera on your network. This tool will work on any Mac or PC computer.