PTZOptics ZCAM Cameras

Network-Connected SDI Broadcast Cameras

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Affordable SDI Broadcast Cameras

Network-connected SDI cameras designed for professional video streaming with built-in SDI and PoE (Power Over Ethernet).


Compact SDI POV Cameras

PTZOptics ZCAM models are the the ideal way to affordably add more options for your video production team. The 20X-ZCAM uses the same lens as our 20X PTZ models for seamless color matching. Enjoy easy setup and integration with Power Over Ethernet and advanced remote control options.


SDI. 3G SDI connectivity for video output up to 1080p @ 60fps.
Ethernet. IP-connected for remote management and control with software such as vMix, Wirecast, and OBS plus joystick control with IP joysticks.
RS-485. Serial control for joysticks.
Capture unique viewing angles with the ability to deploy cameras up to 300′ away with regular Ethernet cabling. Each compact ZCam includes an option for NDI integration which provides seamless integration into video production software such as vMix, Wirecast, xSplit, MimoLive, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Livestream Studio and more. With the ability to connect to high-quality 3G SDI equip video switchers PTZOptics ZCams can be used with a wide variety of hard video switchers from Blackmagic Design, Roland, and NewTek as well. ZCam’s are an affordable way to add additional video shots to your production for graduation ceremonies, musical performances, school broadcasters, sports, and much more.


Multi-Purpose POV Video Cameras

In just 10 minutes, see how easy it is to setup this advanced live streaming camera system to work with your video production workflow.


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ZCam Products Overview


SKU: Optical Zoom Field of View SDI PoE MSRP ($)
PTVL-ZCAM 4X(Manual) 72° $549
PT12X-ZCAM 12X 72.5° $769
PT20X-ZCAM 20X 60.7° $879
EPTZ (3X) 104° $549

PTZOptics ZCam cameras offer IP connectivity similar to most PTZ camera models without the ability to pan or tilt. Note: The latest EPTZ ZCam cameras do feature digital pan and tilt functionalities with the included 4K video sensor. Learn more about our EPTZ cameras here.
These cameras are perfect for long cable runs using ethernet and 3G SDI cabling. SDI cabling includes secure locking connectors to put your team’s mind at ease during mission-critical broadcasts. Each camera can be remotely controlled with fine-tuned settings for camera exposure, white balance, noise reduction and more.


Helping your project succeed from behind the scenes

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PTZOptics® ZCam Camera Models

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SDI ZCams Models

SKU MSRP Documents
PTVL-ZCAM $549 Data Sheet | Manual
PT12X-ZCAM $769 Data Sheet | Manual
PT20X-ZCAM $879 Data Sheet | Manual

NDI ZCam Models

SKU MSRP Documents
PTVL-NDI-ZCAM $989 Data Sheet | Manual
PT12X-NDI-ZCAM $1,209 Data Sheet | Manual
PT20X-NDI-ZCAM $1,319 Data Sheet | Manual


With built-in 3G-SDI and IP Streaming (including Power Over Ethernet), the ZCam compact POV camera models are incredibly easy to deploy. The ZCAM-VL uses an included wide-angle lens which covers a massive 122-degree field of view and includes manual 4X optical zoom. This camera is ideal for close up scenes such as church drum cage, a sports goal area, or behind the scenes production spot. The integrated 20X optical zoom ZCams offer a wide 60.7° FOV with a tight 3.36° field of view for capturing video imagery even at long distances. ZCams provide video professionals options for hardware and software-based video production switchers. The ZCam models can be NDI™ upgraded or come natively with NDI™ capabilities. For more information, see the NDI page.

High Definition
  5 Year Warranty
 Wide Angle Lens
  Power Over Ethernet
H.264 & H.265
  iOS/Android Control App

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

ZCAM models are built to capture a specific area of your space. Increase the quality of your video production using a ZCAM in conjunction with a PTZOptics pan, tilt and zoom camera. Use the PTZ camera for close ups and subject tracking with the ZCAM ready for your next transition.