PTZ Cameras

Network-connected SDI, NDI, and USB live streaming and broadcast cameras.


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Feature: SDI USB NDI
Optical Zoom: 12X/20X/30X 12X/20X 12X/20X/30X
NDI: Upgradeable Upgradeable
USB: Updates Only* Service Port*
RTSP/RTMP ** ** **
VISCA Control:
Min Lux: 0.5 0.5 0.5
Smartphone Apps: iOS/Android iOS/Android iOS/Android
Presets: Up to 255 Up to 255 Up to 255

*The USB 2.0 port is utilized for servicing the camera by authorized technicians only

**If IP stream is set to 1080p60, then resolution dial (which manages HDMI/SDI/USB outputs) must be set to 1080p30 or less. If dial is set to 1080p60fps, then IP must be set to 1080p30fps or less.


ZCam Cameras

Network-connected SDI & NDI cameras without pan/tilt.



Professional full featured HD webcam.


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New Multi-Camera Kits

New systems that include everything you need to get started (Except a PC). That’s right bring your own computer and get everything else.



Joystick Camera Control

PTZ camera controllers with low-latency joysticks for camera operators.



Software Camera Control

Advanced PTZ camera control software that works with any Mac or PC! Plus smartphone/tablet software for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.



PTZ Camera Accessories

Accessories for extending video and mounting your PTZ camera.