New Dual SDI EPTZ ZCam


Dual Output SDI ZCams

With the latest 4K video camera sensor built-in you can captured zoomed in views while maintaining 1080p and 720p quality levels. Determine the maximum zoom level that fits your project to get the most out of your 4K image. Zoom into your 4K image and create digital ePTZ presets that you can recall with the click of a button.

*SDI outputs are limited to 1080p30fps or lower resolutions.


Digital PTZ inside 4K

EPTZ simulates pan, tilt and zoom operations inside of a large resolution pixel space. For example, a 4K image space allows for 3X lossless digital zoom with a 720p output. With two unique SDI outputs, your production can effectively cut between wide and tight camera views from the same camera.

IP-Connectivity. Used for PoE (Power over Ethernet) IP Streaming (RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS), and remote EPTZ control (VISCA over IP).
SDI Output #1 – Full wide-angle camera view 104°.
SDI Output #2 – EPTZ video feed. Outputting 1080p-30/25, 1080i-30/25, 720p-30/25 with digital zoom capabilities and PTZ camera presets.
Camera menu control.
RS-485 serial camera control.
NDI Controls with EPTZ

Take control of your cameras EPTZ functionality with the free PTZOptics camera control software.
Many other software solutions can control this camera including OBS, Wirecast, Livestream Studio and many more that support PTZOptics VISCA over IP (*Works with both models). Using the NDI model, users can control the camera with NDI Studio and many other NDI production solutions.


Overview Video

The EPTZ ZCams are going to change the way you think about 4K and 1080p production environments using the power of electronic Pan, Tilt and Zoom.

4k vs 1080p




A large UHD CMOS image sensor and camera lens make close up details more realistic on video. Whether you are recording a video, live streaming, or video conferencing details will look crisper even when digitally enhanced with ePTZ.




This short set up video shows you how quickly you can use this camera with two SDI video sources in your system. Learn how to connect and control this camera on your network.

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PTZOptics® EPTZ ZCam Camera Models

Data Sheet Where to Buy


SKU: MSRP Documents
PTEPTZ-ZCAM-G2 $549 Data Sheet | Manual
PTEPTZ-NDI-ZCAM-G2 $989 Data Sheet | Manual


These two unique ZCams models take video production to a new level with 4K image sensors activated with electronic pan, tilt and zoom (EPTZ). The large 104° field of view, combine with a 2.8mm focal length, make these cameras ideal for capturing the action from any angle.

Consider controlling this PTZ camera with the (IP Joystick or NDI studio monitor). Once connected to your LAN (Local Area Network) you can also control this camera with our free PTZ control applications for Mac and PC OR with a compatible video production software such as vMix, Wirecast, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), NewTek Tricasters, MimoLive and more. You can also extend video and control of your PTZ camera wirelessly using the new WirelessCable.

High Definition
5 Year Warranty
Wide Angle Lens
Power Over Ethernet
H.264 & H.265
iOS/Android Control App

Important Power Requirements

SKU: SDI Video NDI/IP Video
PTEPTZ-ZCAM-G2 *Requires Power Supply Works with PoE
PTEPTZ-NDI-ZCAM-G2 *Requires Power Supply Works with PoE
*Power can be delivered via PoE with ethernet to power splitter

PTZOptics Camera Integrations

What mobile devices can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Mobile Device Integration
Android Devices (learn more)
Kindle Devices (learn more)
iOS Devices (learn more)
What computer programing languages can I use to control my PTZ cameras?
PTZ Computer Programming Languages
HTML/CSS (learn More)
Javascript (see an example on GitHub)
Python (see an example on GitHub)
Visual Basic (see an example on GitHub)
Learn more about computer programming languages used for robotic PTZ camera controls here.
What software can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Software Integration
Ableton Live (MIDI App) Apple/Mac Computers (learn more)
Bitfocus Companion (learn more) EasyLive (RTMP)
Facebook (RTMPS) Google Chrome (most modern web browsers)
Livestream Studio (learn more) Logic (MIDI App)
MimoLive (learn more) OBS (learn more)
ONVIF Device Manager (must turn ONVIF ON) Open Source (see open source code)
OpenCV (RTSP and USB) Pro Tools (MIDI App)
Rocosoft (USB and IP) Touch Designer (learn more)
Twitch (see extension) VLC (RTSP and Capture Cards)
vMix (learn more) Windows Computers (learn more)
Wirecast (learn more) YouTube (RTMP)
What hardware can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Hardware Integration
AJA (SDI or HDMI) BlackMagic DOES NOT WORK (see video)
Echo360 (SDI Capture Boxes) Epiphan (learn more)
LiveU (SDI or HDMI) Magewell (learn more)
NewTek Tricaster (learn more) Roland (learn more)
SlingStudio (learn more) Wirecast Gear (learn more)
What control protocols can I use to control my PTZ cameras?
PTZ Control Protocols
DMX (via Arnet / TouchDesigner) HTTP-CGI (learn more)
MIDI (learn more) ONVIF
PELCO-D (learn more) PELCO-P (learn more)
PTZOptics VISCA (learn more) PTZOptics VISCA over IP (learn more)
What controllers can I use to control my PTZ Camera?
PTZ Controller Integration
Crestron (see control codes)
Extron (see control codes)
HuddleCamHD Serial Joystick (learn more)
PTZOptics IP Joystick (learn more)
Skaarhoj (over IP)
StreamDeck (learn more)
XBox Controller (learn more)
Xkeys (w/ vMix or Wirecast)

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Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

Unparalleled Versatility

Remote camera control options when and where you want them. Use PTZ controls built-in to your favorite video production software such as OBS, Livestream Studio, Wirecast, vMix, Mimolive or Tricaster. Or check out one of our hardware joystick controllers such as the IP-JOY or Serial Controller. Try our free IP Camera Controllers for Mac, PC and OBS (Plugin) here.
Check out our Gen 3 IP Joystick!