Wireless cable faq

Yes. You can make a newer NewTek connect spark 4K and pro models wireless using the PTZOptics Wireless Cable.
You can hook multiple PTZ cameras into a single Wireless Cable. You would just need to use an ethernet switch on the camera side instead of plugging a single PTZOptics camera into the unit. Also, this is ideal for still being able to deliver PoE power to your wireless network for your cameras. The only limit is your wireless distance and the bandwidth limitations on the units.
Point to point is one to one. These units are also capable of point to multi-point as in a hub and spoke or 3 WCs to 1 WC Base.
Yes, it can go through walls and other things… but the more in the way the lower your distance becomes. Every material has different RF absorption. Even the composite of concrete can impact… so not even all concretes are equal for RF absorption.
These units are vastly different than the Ubqiuiti solutions in requiring no management solution, no network to support their connection and that ours can acts as an AP their cannot .
Wireless IP video latency for the Wireless Cable is ≈ 0.6 msec