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The Virtual Ticket is for anyone who wants to host next-level engaging experiences for online attendees. This book is full of detailed case studies from innovative event planners who are diversifying their revenue streams with virtual ticket sales. Whether you are a business, sports team, non-profit, event venue or a garage band, this book includes everything you need to know about planning live streams that provide audiences with experiences worth paying for. Adding a virtual ticket option for your next event does more than increase profits. Virtual tickets help expose events to global audiences by increasing convenience and accessibility with new broadcasting and translation tools that are now available.

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What People are saying

The Virtual Ticket by Paul W. Richards is a practical how-to guide for those looking to make their mark in live streaming. Its concise, informative, and authoritative approach to the topic makes it a must-read for those starting out on social media.

As a content creator that is trying to set foot in the Internet business, this book could not have come at a more appropriate time. Divine providence, maybe? I’m still a little wet behind the ears. I’ve already released a few podcast episodes, and two vlogs on YouTube and have yet to release a “live” version of something.

Highly recommended if you’re starting out in content creation. It’s important to know that the real money will be in live-streaming and this book is essential reading.

Mr. Richards provides precise details on equipment handling in a very accessible way. Even if you never studied theater, you’ll still find yourself engaged and informed. He also provides excellent marketing strategies to get the word out before the event happens. The writing feels very textual, but it’s a short read backed up with images and graphs that drive the lesson home.

Loved the book! Since the Coronavirus I’ve been thinking of ways to offer virtual events that could help ease the social distancing but yet give the world another source of entertainment. This book was right on time! I always wondered why when watching events their mouth did not match their words. It was cool to realize that it is something that could actually be adjusted. I’m not an expert but I feel I have gained knowledge where I could speak intelligently to help fix the possible issue or at least point them in the right direction. Thank you for sharing!!