Wall Mounts Faq

The HCM-1 camera wall mount is a metal wall mount with four mounting holes to connect the mount to the wall. The mount also includes a quarter twenty connection to securely attach most PTZ cameras to the mount. All our mounts are capable and strong and accommodate PTZOptics cameras.

This mount includes hardware for drywall surfaces, hard wall surfaces and standard two gang electrical boxes.
Most small based PTZ cameras will work with the HCM-1 wall mount. As long as your camera is no wider than 6” and it includes a quarter-twenty screw connection on the bottom, this camera wall mount will work. If your camera is larger than 6″ consider using our HCM-2 wall mount.

This camera wall mount includes all the necessary installation hardware. Depending on your mounting surface, use a level and tape measure to mark your mounting location. Use a drill to prepare all holes. The only other tool you will need is a screwdriver.