Wall Mounts Faq

The HCM-1 camera wall mount is a metal wall mount with four mounting holes to connect the mount to the wall. The mount also includes a quarter twenty connection to securely attach most PTZ cameras to the mount. All our mounts are capable and strong and accommodate PTZOptics cameras. For the Move 4K 30X & Link 4K 30X, use the PT-WM-3.

This mount includes hardware for drywall surfaces, hard wall surfaces and standard two gang electrical boxes.
Most small based PTZ cameras will work with the HCM-1 wall mount. As long as your camera is no wider than 6” and it includes a quarter-twenty screw connection on the bottom, this camera wall mount will work. If your camera is larger than 6″ consider using our HCM-2 wall mount.

This camera wall mount includes all the necessary installation hardware. Depending on your mounting surface, use a level and tape measure to mark your mounting location. Use a drill to prepare all holes. The only other tool you will need is a screwdriver. 

In many cases, you can use the eye level of your subjects as a guide to mount your camera. For example, if you install a camera in a small conference room where people will be sitting, you can measure the height of the chairs and the average person’s eye level. If you are in a stage environment, you can measure from the stage floor to the eye level of people standing. The further you are from subjects, the higher the cameras can be mounted.