Yes. PTZOptics cameras support standard UVC camera control to control your PTZ camera from a Zoom Room iPad or in a far end camera control workflow. Control your PTZOptics camera using most UVC enabled software over a single USB connection to your computer.

Yes, simultaneously output video from your USB PTZOptics camera model via USB 3.0. HDMI and IP video sources (RTSP/RTMP).

No. PTZOptics USB camera models cannot currently be powered using a USB connection.

Yes. This PTZOptics camera will work with any video conferencing software just as a webcam via USB connection.

No. The PTZOptics USB camera models do not support Power over Ethernet

No. PTZOptics USB camera models are only available with 12X and 20X integrated zoom lenses.
The USB 2.0 port is not designed to provide a reliable source of power for external devices. However, some customers have had success using this port for charging small electronics.

Yes, you can upgrade any second generation PTZOptics USB camera model to support NDI. Learn more here.