Additional Updates

On-Camera Firmware Updates

This feature allows you to update the camera’s firmware directly from the camera itself. Firmware is the low-level software that controls the hardware of your camera. Being able to update it directly on the camera simplifies the process and ensures you can easily have the latest features and bug fixes.


PTZOptics cameras now feature multiple profiles that allow you to quickly set up your camera for different shooting situations. For example, you might have one profile for indoor shooting, another for outdoor shooting, and another for low light situations. Each profile would have different settings for things like white balance, exposure, frame rate, etc.

Focus Lock

Focus Lock is a new feature that allows video professionals the freedom to completely lock focus at a specific focal range. This feature can be used to produce beautiful focus push and pull movements. Focus Lock is a great way to lock the focus when auto-focus can be unusable due to people walking in-front of the camera. The result is superior control of focus in any situation.

Focal Range Control

You can now set a specific focal range for your PTZOptics camera’s auto-focus to operate within. This allows you to define ranges within 3 to 60 feet (1-20 meters) for your auto-focus. This feature will allow you to gain increased control over your auto-focus and improve its ability to hone in on what’s important to your production.

Focus Calibration

Want to fine tune your camera’s focus and improve auto-focus? Our focus calibration tool available for Mac and PC is ready to retune your camera to ensure your talent is always in focus.