Updated PTZ Additional Updates

SRT Support

PTZOptics cameras now support SRT (Secure Reliable Transport).  Learn more here.

IP Video Syncing Tools

Many of our customers like to ingest video streams into their video production software via RTSP.

Better Color Matching

Color matching cameras is a process where multiple cameras’ settings are adjusted to match visually. PTZOptics cameras now feature a VAR white balance mode used to select a specific color temperature. This mode allows you to set the PTZOptics camera’s white balance.

RTMPS Support

Stream directly from PTZOptics cameras to places like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Use the 3.5mm audio input to include audio in your live streams. PTZOptics now support the new RTMPS standard used by Facebook. –More here

Improved Web-Browser Support

PTZOptics cameras with the latest firmware now have a live video preview you can view from any modern web-browser whether you are using a Mac or PC computer to quickly view the camera’s video using the camera’s IP address in any web browser.