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Deadmau5 DJ Streaming Setup

PTZOptics Camera for DJ Set

The video above walks through the MimoLive and PTZOptics camera integration process. First,, we make sure the PTZOptics camera is on the same network as the Mac computer. This way MimoLive has IP access to the camera for PTZ control. Then, we open the camera inside MimoLive to see and use it in the live broadcast. Then, we add a layer called PTZOPtics Camera Controller to setup and name presets then use these names for recall. We continue naming  positions and saving PTZ presets as we go along. We open up a layer called “Comments PTZ Controller.” You may need to get this layer from MimoLive and install it onto your Mac Computer. Once installed you’ll need to authenticate the Youtube or Facebook accounts you’ll will be using.

DeadMau 5 Cube3 Setup Tech

PTZOptics Camera in DeadMau5 Set

Stage lighting and PTZ camera

PTZOptics Camera on Truss on event stage

Cube v3 glows with custom visual effects designed by Deadmau5. The cube can spin 360 degrees and dip 45 degrees during performances. The system uses a real-time IP network to communicate with the PTZOptics cameras over Artnet. The cameras can position themselves remotely to match the movement of this massive cube and keep the images straight.

DJ network setup Application Diagram
Application Diagram DJ network setup

It is now possible to control PTZOptics camera presets from DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. Additionally, the PTZOptics MIDI control software bridge up to 120 unique MIDI notes, directing PTZ cameras where to move throughout musical performances. Learn more