SDI Faq tab

Yes. PTZOptics SDI cameras support PoE (Power over Ethernet). Therefore you can run a single Ethernet cable to power PTZOptics SDI cameras connected to a PoE network switch (802.3af/at).

Yes. Once your PTZOptics camera is connected to the network you can control the pan, tilt, and zoom and more functionality over IP.
Yes. All PTZOptics PTZ cameras include an IR remote control and batteries to control the camera. This IR remote control can be used to operate the pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities of the camera and call PTZ camera presets. Each IR remote can be set up to control up to 4 PTZ cameras within close range of the remote control.
Yes. PTZOptics SDI cameras can output full HD video resolutions of 1920×1080 video with frame rates up to 60 FPS. PTZOptics SDI cameras can output video up to 1080p at 60fps via HDMI, SDI and IP video (RTSP/RTMP/NDI | HX).
Yes. PTZOptics SDI camera models can output video with broadcast frame rates. This feature is currently in beta and requires the latest firmware. You may need to update your PTZ camera firmware in order to output broadcast frame rates. Broadcast frame rates include 59.94 fps and 29.97 fps.
Yes. PTZOptics cameras can be set up to live-stream directly to almost any RTMP server-based CDN (Content Delivery Network). To add audio to your cameras RTMP or RTMPS stream you should use a powered line-level audio source connected to the 3.5mm audio input on the camera.

Yes, you can upgrade any second-generation PTZOptics SDI camera to support NDI. Learn more here.

Yes. PTZOptics offers multiple free applications you can use to control the pan, tilt, and zoom functionality of PTZ cameras with your Mac or PC computer. You can learn more about our free applications here.

Yes. There is an application available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices called PanTiltZoom that we recommend for pan, tilt and zoom camera operation of these cameras with smartphones. You can learn more about that application here.


A PTZ camera is a robotic camera that allows operators to control the pan, tilt and zoom functionalities remotely. Our PTZOptics’ engineers have written this blog post to explain PTZ cameras in more detail.
There is line-level audio into the PTZOtpics camera that can be accessed via HDMI, USB, and IP streaming.
There are no known issues with leaving the cameras powered on for an extended period of time (24/7).
The cameras are not weather/water resistant. We recommend using the Dotworkz Outdoor Enclosures if you intend to use the cameras in inclement weather.
Yes. You can control PTZOptics cameras with the 4K or professional versions of vMix. vMix can control the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functionalities along with recalling camera presets. You must know your camera’s IP address in order to control it with vMix.
Video production experts are now able to deploy PTZ camera systems that allow a single camera operator to quickly access remotely controls for IP or serial connected robotic cameras. PTZOptics HD PTZ cameras are ushering in a new generation of possibilities with PTZ camera controls and connectivity never before available.