PTZ joystick Faq

Yes. This joystick is used to control multiple cameras using daisy-chain cabling. In fact, the HC-JOY can control up to 255 cameras! To daisy-chain multiple PTZOptics cameras together use the VISCA in and out ports on your camera. Or, control multiple cameras by RS422/RS485 when daisy-chaining is not an option.

The first cable needed is a DB9 to 8-pin mini din (RS-232) cable for most PTZ cameras. This cable is included with the joystick. Add cameras in a daisy chain with a VISCA cascade cable. You can learn more about our PTZ camera cabling here.

Yes. A new feature integrated into the third generation of the HuddleCamHD joystick controller is the ability to select different pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and preset speeds to control PTZ cameras. For example, following a presenter on a stage. You may want to limit tilt speeds and use a moderate pan speed to optimize your PTZ camera operations for tracking a subject.