PTZ joystick Downloads

Professional Serial Joystick

Serial Joystick: HC-JOY-G3737993161325$329Data Sheet | Manual
IP Joystick: PT-JOY-G3737993161523$714Data Sheet | Manual
PT-JOY-G4840170500166$604Data Sheet | Manual
PT-SUPERJOY-G1840170500005$989Data Sheet | Manual

This PTZ Joystick Controller is designed for pan, tilt, and zoom control of SONY VISCA and PELCO-P/D compatible PTZ cameras. This controller is ideal for PTZOptics cameras used with serial joystick cabling (see here) and can connect to most PTZ cameras with an 8-pin mini-din connection using a DB9 to 8-pin mini-din connection cable. Connect and control additional cameras by daisy-chain. The first PTZ camera connected to the joystick controller requires a DB9 to 8-pin mini-din cable. Subsequent cameras use RS-232 VISCA Cascade cabling/PTZ camera cascade cabling. This method of daisy-chaining multiple PTZ cameras with a serial PTZ joystick controller is an ideal way to avoid having to “home run” cable to each camera.

Tip: Configure pan limits to restrict camera operators from moving outside a given area. Set up boundaries limits for fast-moving sports games like Basketball and Hockey so camera operators can quickly move to the left or right without ever “overshooting” the game space boundaries.

Tip: Lower tilt limits when tracking presenters on stage. If your camera operators are mainly concerned with a left to right movement, avoid accidentally tilting the camera up or down by reducing the camera’s motor speeds for this action.

For IP of PTZOptics cameras consider our IP Joystick. IP connectivity has additional benefits including the ability to control with video production software like vMix, Wirecast, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), MimoLive or a NewTek Tricaster. Check out our free PTZ camera control apps here