Producer Kit Faq

The PTZOptics Producer Kit has been designed to support up to 2 cameras and the Producer Plus Kit has been designed to support 4 cameras. These camera inputs are SDI but you can also work with additional NDI video sources as well.
Yes, sort of. The PTZOptics producer kit features all of the computing horsepower necessary to process multiple NDI sources. You can install any NDI compatible software on the Producer Kit in order to ingest or output NDI video sources. NDI support will require the addition of an IP network for compatibility.
The PTZOptics producer plus kit includes a 4 camera enclosure system that can connect four (4) 3G SDI inputs into your system. These inputs will show up just like webcam sources in almost any video production software. The camera enclosure box connects to the computer using a Thunderbolt 3 connection.
You can of course connect your cameras to a local area network and control the cameras with our free PTZ camera app. But the PTZOptics producer kit includes a serial joystick for control as well. You can use the included joystick controller and cabling to control your PTZ cameras.