Power Over Ethernet-4 Bottom

Power Over Ethenet for PTZ Cameras

PTZ Camera Connected to Power Over Ethernet Switch

Connecting PoE Switch to PTZ Camera

This active PoE solution negotiates with a PoE switch to activate and power PTZOptics camera. A compact and cost effective solution, the switch supplies 48 or 56 volts DC at the source. Higher DC voltage means the current is reduced by a factor of 4, and then carried with less loss over the 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T network cable. A splitter extracts the DC voltage from the network cable and reduces it to 12v, increasing the available current by the same factor to power the camera on the EIAJ-04 splitter DC plug. Unlike simple injector / splitter sets, this combination of a 48v source and 12v converter lets you extend distances to up to 328ft or 100 meters.