Pole Faq

You can use the HCM-1C pole mount camera with any 1” threaded pipe to mount your PTZ camera to a pole. Keep in mind that this PTZOptics camera mount does not include the pipe and ceiling flange required for a complete installation.
The HCM-1C pole mount includes a ¼-twenty connection screw to attach your PTZ camera to this mount securely. The mount also includes a lock nut and washers for a complete installation to your threaded pipe fitting.
This mount has been designed to work almost all small based PTZ cameras. If the Sony or Panasonic PTZ camera you would like to pole is larger than 6” wide you should consider the HCM-2C pole mount.

In many cases, you can use the eye level of your subjects as a guide to mount your camera. For example, if you install a camera in a small conference room where people will be sitting, you can measure the height of the chairs and the average person’s eye level. If you are in a stage environment, you can measure from the stage floor to the eye level of people standing. The further you are from subjects, the higher the cameras can be mounted.