Outdoor Faq

PTZOptics cameras are compatible with the Dotworkz PTZO-Base and PTZO-HB outdoor camera enclosures. The PTZ-Base model is a vandal proof IP-67 rated enclosure. The PTZO-HB is the same mount with a built in heater blower. The heater blower is ideal for outdoor installations with changing weather environments.
We highly recommend working with a professional audio-visual integrator to install your PTZ camera outdoors. You will need a drill, caulk, and a screwdriver along with the outdoor enclosure manual. Review our setup video here for more details.
The PTZOptics cameras are able to be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet). But the Dotworkz outdoor camera enclosures with heater blower units require more power than most PoE switches can supply. Please refer to the Dotworkz manual for more information regarding power for the outdoor enclosure.