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Yes, all PTZOptics NDI® cameras support PoE (Power Over Ethernet). This means that you can use a single ethernet cable to power the camera, control the camera, and send video/audio from the camera via NDI®. PTZOptics cameras are compatible with PoE and PoE+ switches.
PTZOptics NDI® cameras are currently only available with NDI®|HX (High Efficiency). NDI® high bandwidth cameras support lower compression rates with high bandwidth requirements typically over 100Mbps. NDI®|HX cameras support higher compression rates with lower bandwidth requirements typically under 24Mbps.
Not exactly. PTZOptics does have an IP joystick controller. This IP joystick controller is designed to control any IP connected PTZOptics camera. This IP joystick controller does not support NDI® as a control protocol but it can control any PTZOptics NDI® camera.

We highly recommend using NDI® cameras over a LAN (Local Area Network). Wireless systems are getting better every year and it is possible to use standard wireless networks with NDI® video sources. We only recommend using NDI® video sources with standard wireless access points for non-essential viewing purposes. We do recommend using NDI® cameras for wireless purposes with the PTZOptics Wireless Cable that has been purpose built to serve this need. You can learn more about that here.

Yes. While the PTZOptics and NewTek NDI® cameras both support the new HX (High Efficiency) protocol, these cameras do differ in some ways. One example, is the PoE requirements for PTZOptics cameras versus the PoE+ requirements for the NewTek PTZ camera. Another difference is the warranty. PTZOptics offers a 5-year warranty. NewTek offers a 1-year warranty for their PTZ camera.
Yes. You can use this camera with the NDI® Virtual Input application on your computer. The NDI® Virtual Input tool creates a virtual USB camera source on your computer that you can select as your video source in your conferencing software. Therefore you can bring NDI® video sources over the network directly into your favorite video conferencing software.