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NDI® PTZ Cameras

PT12X-NDI-xx$2,199Data Sheet | Manual
PT20X-NDI-xx$2,309Data Sheet | Manual
PT30X-NDI-xx$2,419Data Sheet | Manual

NDI® ZCam Cameras

PTVL-NDI-ZCAM-xx$989 $689Data Sheet | Manual
PT12X-NDI-ZCAM-xx$1,209 $999Data Sheet | Manual
PT20X-NDI-ZCAM-xx$1,319 $1,019Data Sheet | Manual
PTEPTZ-NDI-ZCAM $989Data Sheet | Manual

Note: “xx” stands for the color. Use “WH” for white and “GY” for gray.

What is NDI®?

NDI® is a paradigm shift that will increase what is possible in all things live video. Using standard networking infrastructure NDI® will enable you to do more with less. New possibilities for low budget streaming and high-end video productions system alike are now making the move toward a future of broadcast video over IP.

Please note: The 30X is unable to perform simultaneous 1080p 60fps over SDI / HDMI & the IP Stream. When utilizing 1080p 60fps on either of the outputs, the other output must be set to a maximum of 1080p 30fps.