Multicamera Kits Download

Producer Kit Comparison Chart

SKU Camera ConnectivityJoystick Cabling
PT-MULTICAMERA-xxKIT-USB-NOPCSDI to USB converter Included 100′ VISCA & 100′ SDI
PT-MULTICAMERA-xxKIT-TB3-NOPC3G-SDI to External PCIe via Thunderbolt 3 Included 100′ VISCA & 100′ SDI
PT-PRODUCER-ADDxxX SDI to USB converter 100′ VISCA Extender & 100′ SDI
PT-PRODUCERPLUS-ADDxxX 3G-SDI to PCIe 100′ VISCA Extender & 100′ SDI
*xx represents the camera selected. 12X would be a 12X-SDI-G2-GY (gray). 20X would be a 20X-SDI-G2-GY (gray). 30X would be a 30X-SDI-G2-GY (gray).

PC Recommendation

Lower-End PC Recommended PartsHigher-End PC Recommended Parts
MotherboardAsus Prime X570 ProGigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO Intel Z390 or Z370 motherboard
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI
Case Corsair Case Series 100R Mid Tower ATX SilverStone Redline RL05 Case
SDDSamsung 850 EVO 500GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB
Capture Card Magewell Capture Card (Included in MultiCamera-USB Kit & Producer-Add On Kit) External Magewell Quad SDI Capture Card (Included in MultiCamera-TB3 Kit)
Internal Magewell Quad SDI Capture Card (Included in MultiCamera-PCIE Kit)
CPU AMDRyzen 5 3600X w/ Wraith Spire (6 cores / 12 threads 3.8 GHz) Intel Core i7 9700K 3.6GHz+ Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120 Liquid CPU Cooler
RAM 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Camera Inputs 4 SDI Cameras 8 SDI Cameras
StreamingUp to 1080p 20Mbps
NDI 4 NDI sources up to HD 1080p
Recording Up to 1080p 75Mbps MP4
*12X/20X/30X in each SKU designated the camera optical zoom included with the base system.

Complete Live Streaming System

PT-MULTICAMERA-xxXKIT-USB-NOPC$3,003 – $3,223 Data Sheet | Manual
PT-MULTICAMERA-xxXKIT-PCIE-NOPC$3,663 – $3,883 Data Sheet | Manual
PT-MULTICAMERA-xxXKIT-TB3-NOPC$4,213 – $4,433 Data Sheet | Manual
*MultiCamera Kit MSRP costs range from PT12X-SDI-GY-G2, PT20X-SDI-GY-G2, & PT30X-SDI-GY-G2 cameras.
PT-PRODUCER-ADD12X*$2,371 Add a 12X + 100′ of cabling**
PT-PRODUCER-ADD20X* $2,481 Add a 20X + 100′ of cabling**
PT-PRODUCER-ADD30X* $2,636 Add a 30X + 100′ of cabling**
PT-PRODUCER-UPGRADE*** $1,759 4-port SDI enclosure box
*12X/20X/30X in each SKU designated the camera optical zoom included with the base system.
**100′ of 3G SDI and RS-232 cabling is provided for each camera. The 3G SDI cabling is provided for video and the RS-232 cabling is provided for serial joystick camera control.
***This is the 4-port SDI enclosure box that connects to the system via thunderbolt. This is included in all producer plus base systems. This is only needed for producer base systems to upgrade.

Please note that each SKU includes one (1) camera.

The all-new MultiCamera Kits systems from PTZOptics are complete turn-key live streaming systems built around a custom PC. We do not include the custom PC in the kit, but do include the minimum requirements and suggested parts in the documentation. These systems available with 12X, 20X, and even 30X optical zoom 3G-SDI cameras, finally make television-quality video production affordable. With hundreds of potential video angles made possible with PTZ cameras and the included 3D PTZ Joystick, this system will make any venue your next live streaming destination.