New Firmware Features for the Move 4K

Currently available for 12x, 20x, and 30x models!

Check out written instructions on how to update your camera’s firmware here.

7/3/2024 Move 4K Firmware Feature Highlights:

Subject Selection

A unique number is now provided for each subject shown in the live video area of the web interface. This new feature allows you to quickly switch between subjects that you would like to track using the web-interface or the IR remote control. Plus, our intuitive bounding box system only appears on the web interface, keeping your SDI, HDMI, USB, and NDI feeds clean and distraction-free. Simplify your video experience with our smart auto-tracking technology!

Auto-Tracking Composition Modes

Introducing composition framing for auto-tracking in the Move 4K. Whether you prefer your subject centered, to the left, or to the right, these innovative modes offer the flexibility to frame your shots just as you envision. The camera seamlessly tracks your subject, ensuring they stay in the perfect spot within the scene. These new modes allow camera operators to determine how they want the subject framed in the scene while the camera automatically tracks the subject.

Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes

Take control of your visuals with the Move 4K’s advanced Auto-Tracking Zoom Modes! We’re excited to introduce four new zoom modes: Dynamic, Close-Up, Medium, and Long Shot. Dynamic Zoom Mode puts you in the director’s seat, giving you full command over optical zoom during auto-tracking. Prefer consistent framing? Choose from Close-Up, Medium, or Long Shot modes for steady, uniform zoom levels. This feature is great for tracking subjects with one close-up view and a second wide angle shot.

Track Now

Introducing the ‘Track Now’ feature in our Move SE and 4K cameras! With ‘Track Now’, the camera begins tracking from its current position, offering immediate and seamless subject following. This mode is a perfect addition to our standard auto-tracking, which starts from a pre-defined PTZ preset location such as a teachers desk or presenter podium.

Auto-Tracking Sensitivity

Enhance your camera operations with the Move 4K’s new Auto-Tracking Sensitivity feature! This customizable sensitivity setting allows you to adjust camera movements to your specific needs, ensuring smooth, responsive tracking in every scene. Whether it’s a subtle pan or a quick zoom, your Move 4K can adapt to your creative vision. Experience seamless, professional-grade video with just a few adjustments.


Auto-Framing is now available in the PTZOptics Move 4K cameras! Auto-Framing seamlessly includes multiple subjects in every shot, intelligently adjusting pan, tilt, and zoom to frame your composition perfectly. Whether it’s a group discussion, a team presentation, or a special event, the camera can intelligently adjust to frame all participants in a single, harmonious scene.

Note: Auto-Framing operates independently and cannot be used simultaneously with auto-tracking.

PTZOptics API G3

Exciting news for developers! We’re thrilled to introduce the PTZOptics API G3, a significant leap forward in camera control technology. Building on the success of our previous versions, the new API expands your capabilities with over five times more options. Now, harness the power of advanced features like auto-tracking, auto-framing, and subject selection, all through our robust API. PTZOptics API G3 is designed to empower our developer community, enabling you to create more dynamic, responsive, customized camera experiences. Dive into a world of possibilities with PTZOptics API G3!

Preset Tour

The Preset Tour feature allows users to cycle through a specific set of saved pan, tilt, and zoom presets. Designed for automation and precision, this feature allows you to cycle through a series of customized pan, tilt, and zoom presets effortlessly. Once activated, the Preset Tour navigates through your pre-determined settings at a chosen speed, ensuring smooth transitions and consistent framing. Ideal for controlled environments like studios, conferences, or theaters, where precise camera positioning is key.

Privacy Mode

Introducing the Privacy Mode on PTZOptics cameras, a feature designed for your peace of mind. In today’s world, privacy and security are paramount, especially in sensitive environments. Privacy Mode goes beyond just turning off the camera. When activated, it places the camera in a standby state, closes the lens iris, and physically turns the lens to face the wall, ensuring complete privacy. Unlike powering down, this mode keeps the camera ready to activate instantly when needed. This blend of convenience and security makes Privacy Mode ideal for confidential settings where quick reactivation is essential.


Step into the future of video production with FreeD support now available on PTZOptics Move 4K cameras. FreeD, a camera tracking data protocol, unlocks new creative possibilities. By integrating PTZ camera position data with FreeD systems such as those found in Unreal Engine, you can craft immersive virtual environments and enhance your live video projects. This feature is perfect for creators seeking to blend physical and digital realms, offering a dynamic and engaging viewer experience. Dive into a world where your imagination is your only limit with PTZOptics Move 4K and FreeD.

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Don’t see your country listed? Call us directly at +1 (484) 593-2247 (international call fees may apply) or email us at [email protected].