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Save PTZ Presets inside MimoLive

PTZ Demo for MimoLive

As you can see from the pictures above, the PTZ controls are “click and drag” based; click your mouse and drag to move the camera around. Jason starts out the PTZ mimoLive demonstration by adding a layer in the “layer stack” called the “PTZOptics Controller” layer. This layer allows you to choose a video source and connect to the PTZOptics camera via IP. In this layer, we have the ability to quickly pan, tilt and zoom along with setting and calling presets.

IP Address for PTZ MimoLive

Mimo Live PTZ Camera Control

MimoLive Camera Controller

PTZ Camera in MimoLive

One of our favorite integrations is “PTZ camera Presets” available inside the mimoLive PTZOptics controller layer. This feature lets you save PTZ positions inside of mimoLive. For ease of use mimoLive lets users name each preset so they can easily remember which preset co-relates to which position. To make things even easier mimoLive has hotkey shortcuts for users to call camera presets from a simple keyboard button press. Overall, the integration is seamless. Amazing work mimoLive!

YouTube & Facebook PTZ Camera Controls from Viewers!

Remotely controlling a PTZ camera on the internet is something worth paying for. We searched high and low for the best way to remotely control our PTZOptics cameras from anywhere in the world, seeking a way for users to recall PTZ camera presets remotely over the public internet while still keeping our camera’s IP address safe on our local area network. What did we find? MimoLive has a great solution! Here, we integrate our PTZOptics camera for PTZ controls but this time giving our live audience on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter controls over our PTZ Presets!

MimoLive PTZ Camera Control

Live Streaming to YouTube with Camera Control

Enter Comments to call PTZ Camera Presets

The video above walks us through the MimoLive and PTZOptics camera integration process. First, we make sure our PTZOptics camera is on the same network as our Mac computer. This way MimoLive has IP access to the camera for PTZ control. Then, we open the camera inside MimoLive to see and use it in our live broadcast. Next, we add a layer called “PTZOPtics Camera Controller.” Here, we setup and name presets. It’s awesome to name presets and allow our audience to recall the PTZ positions! Continue naming PTZ presets as you go along. Open up a layer called Comments PTZ Controller, You may need to get this layer from MimoLive and install it onto your Mac. Once installed you’ll need to authenticate the Youtube or Facebook accounts that you plan to be using.

Advanced YouTube Settings for Ultra Low Latency

PTZ Camera Preset Names in YouTube

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