The Link 4K Connects Instantly to Hive, Right Out of the Box

Easily control your Link 4K from anywhere in the world with just one simple link. PTZOptics Hive is the keystone of the PTZOptics ecosystem, offering a centralized platform that enhances your PTZOptics cameras. After a one-time link to the Hive, users can control their cameras anytime, anywhere. Hive-linked cameras can be connected anytime they are plugged into a network – no application or additional hardware required.

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Get 1 Year of Dante Studio for FREE!

Dante Studio, a versatile software suite, includes Dante Video Receiver (RX), Video Transmitter (TX), and Video Viewer. Ideal for conferencing, lecture capture, live streaming, event recording, digital signage, and more.

  • RX receives video from Dante AV sources using a virtual webcam driver.
  • TX captures your PC’s display and transmits it to other Dante Studio-equipped computers or network decoders.
  • Viewer displays video streams from Dante AV devices across the network.

PTZOptics users can get the first year of their Dante Studio subscription for free!

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Future Proof Your Technology

Backed by PTZOptics’ 5-year warranty, plus full support from PTZOptics’ technical team, the Link 4K is able to accommodate a wide range of use cases so our customers can remain flexible as their technology requirements evolve. New innovations are regularly delivered to our customers via free and convenient product updates. Whether you are setting up a live stream or a video conference space, the Link 4K is able to deliver on your project specifications for today and tomorrow.

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More Than Just Video

The PTZOptics Link 4K camera can send video over the network via Dante AV-H, and it can also send and receive audio. The PTZOptics Link 4K camera features a 3.5mm audio input and output that can be used with Dante AV-H. The 3.5mm audio input can be used to take analog audio and send two channels of Dante audio out over the network (left and right channel audio). The 3.5mm audio output can be used to output audio from another Dante source on the network.

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Don’t see your country listed? Call us directly at +1 (484) 593-2247 (international call fees may apply) or email us at [email protected].