IP Joystick Downloads

Professional IP joystick

IP Joystick: PT-JOY-G3737993161523$714Data Sheet | Manual
Serial Joystick: HC-JOY-G3737993161325$329Data Sheet | Manual
PT-JOY-G4840170500166$714Data Sheet | Manual
PT-SUPERJOY-G1840170500005$989Data Sheet | Manual

Easy pan, tilt & zoom controls for your PTZOptics camera! Controls pan & tilt with variable speeds to match every option inside PTZOptics cameras. Use a 2 & 3-dimensional joystick with “twist” control of focus and zoom! Easily set up pan and tilt limits using the latest version of the PTZOptics camera firmware.

Tip: Setup pan limits to restrict camera operators from moving outside a given area. Set up boundaries limits for fast-moving sports games like Basketball and Hockey. This way, your camera operators can quickly move left or right without ever “overshooting” the game space boundaries.

Tip: Lower tilt limits when tracking presenters on stage. If your camera operators are mainly concerned with left to right movement, avoid accidentally tilting the camera up or down by reducing the camera’s motor speeds for this action.