iOS app Faq

Four. Each camera must have a unique IP Address.

Saving a position is easy! Position the pan, tilt and zoom position you want using the manual controls. Press the “Set” button. Press the button that you want to save the position to. When prompted to save, you can optionally change the name of the button by tapping the field with the button name. Press “Save.”

Absolutely! Move the joystick in the direction you want the camera to move and it will pan and tilt simultaneously. Thanks to multi-touch you can also control the zoom simultaneously.

The App can save up to 10 positions for each camera.
The “joystick” control is variable speed. The further you move it away from the center, the faster the camera will pan or tilt.

The App stores the saved positions internally to the app without overwriting the camera’s stored presets.

The camera buttons in the center of the app’s interface. The active camera will be green in color. Tap the button for the camera that you want to switch to.