Future proof diagram – USB

HDMI video is supported with embedded audio for PTZOptics cameras. Audio can be embedded into the HDMI video using the 3.5 mm audio input using a line level audio source.The 3.5 mm audio input can be used with line level audio sources and embedded onto RTSP, RTMP, HDMI and USB video feeds. Audio adjustments can be made in the camera’s web interface.Serial control ports are available for RS-232 and RS-485 camera controls.Ethernet connectivity is available for camera control and configuration, as well as streaming.RTSP is a real time streaming protocol used to send video and audio over your network. RTSP video can be used with OBS, the SuperJoy or even the free PTZOptics apps.PTZOptics USB cameras can be used with any software that supports plug and play webcams. The USB connection on PTZOptics cameras also supports UVC camera control.RTMP(S) live streaming is available directly from any PTZOptics camera. At least two RTMPS streams can be sent to content delivery networks such as Facebook or YouTube. SRT is also available with all PTZOptics cameras for sending video over the public internet.