Future proof diagram – SuperJoy

The SuperJoy can control cameras via a serial connection which can be used to daisy chain multiple cameras together for PTZ control without the need for a network.The SuperJoy features an HDMI video output that is used to display video from the selected camera. This is ideal for camera operators to view an HD video preview of the camera they are controlling.The SuperJoy is able to control many PTZ cameras over an IP connection using VISCA over IP.Use commands mapped to the custom button with software applications such as OBS or vMix. Use these commands to quickly control your video production software from the SuperJoy. HTTP commands can be used to control many hardware and software video production tools. Here the Epiphan Pearl Nano is shown being controlled by the PTZOptics SuperJoy using the Pearl’s HTTP API.The SuperJoy is able to control any PTZ camera that uses the Sony protocol.The SuperJoy is also able to control any PTZ camera that supports NDI version 4.0 or later.UDP camera controls can be set up to control a PTZ camera outside of your local area network through the public internet. Note: Setup will require networking knowledge.The SuperJoy is able to be controlled via any device on your network including a smartphone. You can use a smartphone to call camera presets and much more.