vMix Compatibility

Review PTZOptics & vMix Integration Tutorial Videos

PTZOptics vMix Integration Videos

At PTZOptics we strive to provide integration videos for vMix. The following videos outline integration with the latest vMix software we demonstrate live every Friday during our live streams. In these video, lead support technician Andrew Chatfield reviews the compatibility and limitations of the PTZOptics cameras. In general, you can connect a PTZOptics camera via SDI (through a capture card or frame grabber), via USB 3.0 or via a RTSP/RTSP live stream. For more information you can visit our Knowledge Base.

Application Diagrams

vMix USB setup w/ 2 Cameras & joystick Live Streaming a Video Conference w/ YouTube Live and vMix

vMix Control Surface w/ PTZ Camera Control

In this video we review how easy it is to control PTZOptics cameras with an iPad using vMix. vMix 19 now supports two different ways to control PTZOptics cameras which are IP and UVC. IP controls will work over a static IP address on your network and UVC controls are established over a direct USB connection (USB Models only). Check out this great new iPad app for vMix!

vMix 17 Control and RTSP Streaming

In this video tutorial, John Basile from StreamDudes, demonstrates how easy it is to set up a PTZOptics camera with vMix and add PTZ controls over the network. John uses the “low-latency” RTSP streaming option to bring in video from the PTZOptics cameras. Then John connects to the PTZOptics camera over IP using the vMix 17 camera control options. From here you can see how easy it is to set up camera presets that control the camera right over the network!

Control your live broadcast remotely

In this video Paul Richards demonstrates how you can control your entire live stream remotely from any computer, smartphone or tablet on your network. Paul also reviews ways you can control the PTZOptics remotely including far end camera control. Gaining access to a outside IP address can be easy if you understand basic networking. If not check in with your IT team and ask how you can port forward a inside IP address to the outside world using your router. This article is all about gaining far end camera control and many of the techniques covered can be used to gain access to vMix live production remotely as well.

vMix NewTek NDI Integration

The NewTek ™ NDI (Network Device Interface) is a open source IP protocol for sending and receiving ultra low latency, high definition video and audio sources for live broadcasts. The protocol has been pioneered by Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek’s president and CTO, to become a new standard for the industry. vMix has integrated with this amazing new technology to create some amazing new integration that will push the product to new levels!

PTZOptics Live Streaming Drones with vMix and Epiphan

In this video Andy Chatfield and Paul Richards review how to use PTZOptics cameras with vMix plus add a Epiphan Frame Grabber to include a live video feed from a Drone.

Live Streaming Control Examples

In this video Paul Richards and Patrick Kirby review two great ways to take control of your live broadcast. Patrick mentions that controlling a live broadcast from “outside the room” can be beneficial for church service streaming. Paul talks about the differences between wireless live broadcast control with the iPad and USB connected control options with a MIDI keyboard.
As you can see Paul is able to control VMix overlays and fades with the iPad and the MIDI controller. Paul mentions that the MIDI controller is extremely intuitive because he huge pad buttons. The iPad has solution comes preprogrammed and ready to control all inputs in VMix. Where the MIDI controller is better for common tasks, the iPad usually has the ability to do more since it automatically pulls your available options from VMix over your network.

Using vMix during a Video Conference Call

Last week Tom Sinclair from Eastern Shore Broadcasting helped us demonstrate how live streaming and video conferencing technologies can be combine for high powered presentations. It was a real eye opening moment when Toms video background looked like a real TV studio. During the live stream we talked about the power of video conferencing for sales professionals. It’s not a huge leap to think high powered sales professionals will turn a regular video conference into a high broadcast you might see on TV. Imagine the value sales teams could realize if they added relevant live video to the sales pitch during s video conference.
Tom mentioned a recent project with a customer in New York City who makes shoes. With Toms help this client was able to broadcast his passion for making shoes to the world. Stories like this happen everyday as more and more industries adopt video conferencing and live streaming technologies.
See how live streaming may change the way we use video conferencing in our latest episode of PTZOptics Live. See how green screen backgrounds and video overlays can be used in a regular zoom video conference call.

Using PTZOptics cameras with vMix over the network

In this video Tom sets up his PTZOptics 12x HD SDI camera as a camera input in vMix 16 via his IP network. Tom reviews how to find and set your cameras IP address. Along with how you can pull in the network stream into vMix using the “Stream” input. Thank you Tom for this great video!

PTZOptics with vMix Integration

In this video Andy Chatfield review how to integrate a PTZOptics camera with vMix.

Building Virtual Sets with vMix

In this vide Paul Richards will be showing off how to build virtual sets with a green screen, using vMix


Integration is key… This is where PTZOptics shine!

Epiphan Integration

PTZOptics Integration with Epiphan

From live streaming to HD frame grabbing

Epiphan Systems creates some of the industries highest quality video frame grabbers along with a new innovative live streaming product called the Epiphan Pearl. PTZOptics has performed extensive testing with Epiphan along with using the AV.IO every Friday for our live webinars!

Tricaster Integration

PTZOptics Integration with NewTek TriCaster

Enter Live Webcasting… Emerge Victorious

Whether broadcasting on location, streaming from a flight case, or driving a big screen from backstage, live event producers need to be able to deliver high-quality, professional results from wherever they are—and get quickly to wherever they’re going next. With built-in support for PTZ controls for PTZOptics cameras.

Wirecast Integration

PTZOptics Integration with WireCast

Live Webcasting Software

Live stream conferences, concerts, interviews and more. Wirecast provides everything you need to stream professional live events. Add multiple cameras, including iOS devices; create composite shots with graphics and transitions; and live encode and stream to your favorite streaming destination. Plus integrate PTZOptics camera over the network or USB!


Zoom Integration

PTZOptics Integration with Zoom camera control

Affordable Web Conferencing

Zoom is one of the most affordable and power online video conferencing services. That’s why PTZOptics is giving away a free Zoom Pro license with every camera sold! Check out the far end camera control options using our USB camera models! 

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