vMix Compatibility

Review PTZOptics & vMix Integration Tutorial Videos

PTZOptics vMix Integration Videos

At PTZOptics we strive to provide integration videos for vMix. The following videos outline integration with the latest vMix software we demonstrate live every Friday during our live streams. In these video, lead support technician Andrew Chatfield reviews the compatibility and limitations of the PTZOptics cameras. In general, you can connect a PTZOptics camera via SDI (through a capture card or frame grabber), via USB 3.0 or via a RTSP/RTSP live stream. For more information you can visit our Knowledge Base.

Application Diagrams

vMix USB setup w/ 2 Cameras & joystick Live Streaming a Video Conference w/ YouTube Live and vMix

vMix Control Surface w/ PTZ Camera Control

In this video we review how easy it is to control PTZOptics cameras with an iPad using vMix. vMix 19 now supports two different ways to control PTZOptics cameras which are IP and UVC. IP controls will work over a static IP address on your network and UVC controls are established over a direct USB connection (USB Models only). Check out this great new iPad app for vMix!