Introducing the PTZ Producer Kits

Complete live streaming systems

PTZ Camera System

Finally, a complete PTZ live streaming system built for your favorite video production software. Easily use with Wirecast, vMix, OBS, xSplit, Livestream Studio and more.


Get ready to deploy a PTZ camera system designed for your exact needs. This system leverages the super-fast Intel NUC i7 Skull Canyon computer which is not only compact but extremely flexible with it’s Windows 10 professional installation. With three (3) HD video outputs you can use one monitor for your favorite video production software, another for a multiview or full-screen output and another for presentation software such as PowerPoint, Propresenter, MediaShout or EasyWorship.

Meet the PTZ Producer

The PTZ Producer Kits are built to give live broadcasters complete systems to control multiple PTZ cameras allowing small teams to do BIG things.

Using a PTZ camera system designed for video production will reduce the need for camera operators and increase your production team’s capabilities. Using high definition PTZ cameras in this system provides small teams to more with less. Forget about over the shoulder cameras, with massive tripods and platforms. This system includes a simple PTZ camera controller with all of the connection cabling required for a complete system.

Easy System Setup

Used by hundreds of churches, small businesses and live streamers around the world. Loved for it’s practical design and easy setup. Check out a few of our case studies below.

Download our Quick Start Guide

Easily setup a PTZ camera for your church with a system that volunteers can operate. Review your system options and consider setting up a PoE (Power Over Network) switch so that you can provide each camera power over a single Ethernet cable. This system leverages the very reliable SDI video cabling for maximum video quality. Each cable supports locking connectors to ensure a reliable setup for each broadcast.

Broadcast Quality Made Affordable

Complete Live Streaming System

UPC: 737993159445
MSRP: $4,543
(Base System w/ 12X Camera)
UPC: 737993159469
MSRP: $4,653
(Base System w/ 20X Camera)
UPC: 737993161790
MSRP: $4,763
(Base System w/ 30X Camera)
UPC: 737993159476
MSRP: $2,371
(Additional 12X Camera, Capture Card & Cabling)
UPC: 737993160267
MSRP: $2,481
(Additional 20X Camera, Capture Card & Cabling)
UPC: 737993161837
MSRP: $2,636
(Additional 30X Camera, Capture Card & Cabling)
UPC: 737993160311
MSRP: $1,539
(Quad SDI Iniput Box)
Please note that each SKU includes one (1) camera.

The all-new PTZ Producer Kits systems from PTZOptics are complete turn-key live streaming systems built around the groundbreaking Intel NUC Skull Canyon Micro-PC. International shipments do not include the Skull Canyon, but we include a minimum requirements document for designing a suitable replacement Custom PC. These systems available with 12X and 20X optical zoom 3G-SDI cameras, finally make television-quality video production affordable. With hundreds of potential video angles made possible with PTZ cameras and the included 3D PTZ Joystick, this system will make any venue your next live streaming destination.

High Definition
3 Year Camera Warranty
Intel i7 Processor
Power Over Ethernet
H.264 & H.265
Windows 10 Platform

Endless Opportunity

The base PTZ Producer Kits is perfect for a small multi-camera production. You have the ability to upgrade to the Producer Plus giving you up to 4 cameras maximum. Use with software such as Wirecast or vMix to bring in remote callers into your video production, setup HD instant replay and much, much more…

2 CamerasOne or Two Cameras

Crystal clear High Definition 1080p video with lossless 12X or 20X optical zoom. Record and stream with up to 60 frames per second for even the fastest action settings.

Magewell Frame Grabber3G-SDI to USB 3.0 Frame Grabber

Included with each camera is 100′ of ultra reliable plenum-rated 3G-SDI cabling. Easily convert 3G-SDI to USB 3.0 for 1080p 60fps resolution video ready for live streaming with your favorite software.

Intel NUC Skull CanyonIntel NUC Skull Canyon

The Intel “Next Unit of Computing” Skull Canyon is a powerhouse for live streaming and video production. Easily live stream and record in 1080p with the built in 6th generation i7 processor, 32 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD and Windows 10.

VISCA ControlIncluded Joystick

Control multiple cameras and presets for advanced video productions with the included 3D Joystick Controller and cabling. (100′ of cabling is provided. Daisy-chaining cameras is supported).

Shure MViAudio Converter

The Shure MVi-LTG is ready to convert any professional audio to USB for your live stream. The all metal design is rugged for mobile productions. You can easily make changes to the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and volume controls for perfect audio.

NewTek NDI

The NewTek Connect Pro App will be included with every PTZ Producer Kit allowing users to make their cameras NDI™ ready. Learn more about the NewTek Connect Pro App here.

Use with your favorite softwareUse with your favorite software

Ready to use with OBS, xSplit, Wirecast, vMix or the NewTek Connect Pro App. Always use the latest software available for live streaming and video production.

3 Year Warranty3 Year Warranty

PTZOptics offers the industries best 3 Year Warranty on every camera (For other devices see data sheet). Repairs are handled in our USA repair center located outside Philadelphia, PA.

Mix & Match CamerasUse any Camera

Mix and Match your preferred cameras with the Producer kit. Use any combination of 12X or 20X SDI cameras to a maximum of 4 through the AkiTio External PCIe.

Power Over EthernetPower Over Ethernet

PTZOptics 3G-SDI camera models also include PoE (Power Over Ethernet) which can be used for power, control and video/audio streaming.

Praise for PTZOptics Support

It is SO nice to have a manufacturer that actually answers the phone and has support you can reach when you need them! A simple setup change that I couldn't find the answer to and 2 minutes later I was in business!

Jack Dastoli

Here's a shout out to the PTZOptics tech support team. They are incredibly patient and helpful. The quality of support is what sets you apart from the other companies.

Dan Slider

Just want to give a massive shout out to the PTZOptics Support team. I have been speaking with Sean and Jonathan on various occasions and they are awesome and super helpful. When you're wondering what equipment to invest in the quality of the after sales support should always be a factor and PTZOptics in my opinion provides amazing after sales care and support.

Peter Nardi

Field of View Calculator

What is the distance from the camera to the subject?

All distances in feet

12X Lens

Width -
(w) 23.8
(w) 17.6
Height -
(t) 3.0
(t) 1.7

20X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8

30X Lens

(w) 21.8
(w) 14.0
(t) 1.4
(t) 0.8
Terms - *Telephoto (Fully Zoomed In) – *Wide (Fully Zoomed Out), Height and Width refer to image height/width at given object distance.

Frequently Asked Producer Kits Questions

How many cameras can I connect to the producer kit?

The PTZOptics Producer Kit has been designed to support up to 2 cameras and the Producer Plus Kit has been designed to support 4 cameras. These camera inputs are SDI but you can also work with additional NDI video sources as well.

Can I install OBS on the PTZOptics Producer Kit?

Yes. The Intel NUC Skull Canyon included with this system has a professional license for Windows 10. You can install any Windows 10 compatible software on this system including OBS, Wirecast, vMix or Livestream Studio.

Is the PTZOptics Producer Kit compatible with NDI?

Yes, sort of. The PTZOptics producer kit features all of the computing horsepower necessary to process multiple NDI sources. You can install any NDI compatible software on the Producer Kit in order to ingest or output NDI video sources. NDI support will require the addition of an IP network for compatibility.

How does the 4-port SDI camera enclosure system work?

The PTZOptics producer plus kit includes a 4 camera enclosure system that can connect four (4) 3G SDI inputs into your system. These inputs will show up just like webcam sources in almost any video production software. The camera enclosure box connects to the computer using a Thunderbolt 3 connection.

How are the PTZ cameras controlled?

You can of course connect your cameras to a local area network and control the cameras with our free PTZ camera app. But the PTZOptics producer kit includes a serial joystick for control as well. You can use the included joystick controller and cabling to control your PTZ cameras.

Unlock the Power of Network Control

Take full control of your robotic PTZ camera with these resources…

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