OBS Plugin for Camera Control

For live streamers that want to take their production to the next level, few things give you as much power over the process as the OBS Plugin for PTZOptics. Open Broadcaster Software is the go-to solution for most live streamers that want a professional look and quality to their streams. The software can be used with NDI to increase functionality and now PTZ camera controls make this software very attractive, especially because it’s free.

OBS camera control options

The PTZOptics Camera Control Plugin comes in two varieties. You can install the plugin for direct access through the OBS software OR use Dockable Web sources. The plugin allows for direct access through the user interface on your computer so that you can use camera presets and settings on the fly. The plugin allows for the most advanced control because it creates new hotkeys for camera control, and provides Xbox controller compatibility. The dockable web controls are nice because they can be placed directly into the OBS interface. Either way you can create PTZ camera presets that are used to quickly and automatically operate your cameras through the OBS interface. The video below reviews how you can use the open source control software from PTZOptics to automatically have your PTZ cameras move when you select a scene in OBS.

As the PTZ in PTZOptics designates, these cameras are a “pan, tilt, and zoom” type that allows for presets that snap them into place at the click of a button. Users have a variety of control options when it comes to using the OBS plugin and the devs are constantly adding new inputs on a consistent basis. Some popular options include the keyboard and mouse as well as a Microsoft Xbox One controller. Support for a variety of hotkey commands as well as these control inputs means that the OBS Plugin is as robust when it comes to access as it is when it comes to performance. Installation couldn’t be simpler, either. You just install the plugin, go to the Tools section of the menu, and locate the new PTZOptics controller functionality.

There you will see that you can adjust the settings for up to 8 different cameras. Available for both Mac and Windows, the OBS Plugin is a must-have for live streamers that are serious about getting the most out of their sessions. A quick overview of the core features reveals a plugin with a full fleet of useful features.

These include controlling up to 8 PTZOptics cameras simultaneously via IP, PC support for the use of an Xbox controller for user inputs, various modes such as compact, preview, and advanced. You also get full-screen camera preview modes in SD or HD for Windows systems. Users are allowed to assign a name to each camera as well which should help with the organization and setup of the stream in terms of camera placement.

You can set up to 9 presets for each camera and you can even assign a name to these presets themselves as well as implement an image preview that shows you what that designation does. Naturally, producers get control over pan, tilt, and zoom speeds as well as pan and tilt speed locks.

As for the camera itself, you get iris controls, focus controls, varying exposure modes like Auto, Manual, SAE, AAE, and Brightness as well as image controls like Contrast, Luminance, and Hue. You can choose between the various exposure modes as well as flipping or mirroring the image on the screen.

For ease of use, you can implement on-screen input controls and receive a real-time report on camera options. Another amazing aspect of the OBS Plugin that has nothing to do with the software itself is how dynamic and supportive the community of users is. If you’re having a hard time, or you need to learn a few tips or tricks, there are so many resources on the Internet for this that it is astounding. Users need not worry about going all-in with the OBS Plugin because it is ready for the job.