Learn how to host private live streams with The Virtual Ticket

Why We Created the Virtual Ticket Guide?

Organizations from various industries are using live streaming to create meaningful, impressive connections with their audience. From well-organized conferences to friendly one-on-one chats, businesses of all sizes are opting for live streaming. Not only are organizations benefiting from live video strategy, but they are also creating stronger bonds with their audiences.

Businesses have realized that private live streaming is more than just a marketing tactic; it is now a form of media consumption. Virtual Tickets helps organizations to stream and share live videos with anyone at any time.

Whether you want to know how to communicate with professionals using a live video for training, for product launches or broadcasting seminars, The Virtual Ticket will let you know innovative ways to organically align with your organization’s goals.

That said, there is no doubt we are living in an age where we have exceptional access to unlimited content. In order for brands, businesses, and organizations to stand out in such a large crowd, be it through live streaming or events, the quality should be outclassed. At The Virtual Ticket, we see this commitment to live streaming happening in real-time.

Every day, The Virtual Ticket helps people and organizations get their ideas and events in front of audiences around the globe. We created this book because we understand that while private live streaming might be important for you or your business, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’ll get you up to speed with all things related to private live streaming; from the push you need to get started to the motivation you need to organize a private live stream. Whether it is for events or sharing information internally, we’ve always believed in the power of live streaming.

Why Does Your Organization Need the Virtual Ticket?

Organizations all across the world are diving into marketing and events. The question prevails: Why are brands investing big time in real-world experiences? Technology definitely has improved in the automated world, which is wonderful. From TV shows to Netflix, people binge-watch their favorite shows. But at the end of the day, we are all humans. We need personal interaction, recognition, and connection. That’s where private live streaming really comes in.

Various events may seem like a great option for a number of people. However, businesses are expanding the reach of their events with the help of live streaming. Let’s take the example of Nikon Inc. After coordinating speakers for interviews during a conference, their marketing team chose to live stream the sessions online. This helped Nikon Inc. to reach four times more audience as compared to the conference itself.

The point is, if a business is already bringing the talent in, then why not put a camera in front of them to reach as many people as possible? With a fairly modest increase in budget, you can reach a considerably higher audience. The Virtual Ticket helps creators, businesses, and organizations get their ideas and events in front of audiences around the world. A live moment captures the imagination and brings people together.

Face to face is the best form of communication, and private live streaming is the next best option. It creates a sense of inclusion and connection that is difficult to replicate through other forms of communication.

Virtual Ticket Video Production System
Virtual Ticket Video Production System

A Reach to the Global Audience

Even with so much advancement, reaching a broader range of global audiences through TV broadcasts is still not possible. However, with private live streaming, you can reach the audience throughout the globe and get direct viewership. It is one of the best ways to reach out to larger audiences without spending thousands of bucks and without any hassle of negotiations with multiple partners. The Virtual Ticket guide will let you know how you can reach a global audience without hefty expenses.

Lower Barriers to Getting Started

If you are a small organization, it is very difficult for you to get a slot on television. You need big budgets in order to broadcast on TV. However, private live streaming is for all. It is a completely different arena and more accessible. With it, you don’t have to worry about limited space or about high prices. Nowadays, high-quality camera equipment is easily available and the ease to get an internet connection has made live streaming even easier.

Multi-Device Streaming

Televisions are no more the most popular medium, smartphones and other digital devices have replaced them. Live Streaming allows you to tap into a wide audience wherever they are on their smartphones and laptops. Even televisions are now coming with inbuilt streaming applications, enabling traditional TV sets to keep up with the changing demand for media devices.

Generate Revenue

The Virtual Ticket guide will let you know the different ways you can generate revenue using live streaming. With numerous streaming software available, you can bring a worldwide audience to your club. This is an excellent way to make money while streaming your content. Creating live experiences along with the ability to instantly replay, live playback, pause capabilities, are what help in generating steady revenue.

What Does It Mean for Marketers?

Nowadays, brands are trying their best to leave a mark on social media and win customers through it. Both social media campaigns and paid promotions can increase the overall engagement of a brand with its audience. Live video streaming combines all of these elements into a new kind of medium with endless possibilities. It can help brands deliver trust factors in a way no one can even imagine.

Power of Live Streaming for Marketers and Brands

Private live streaming helps businesses to connect with their audience much more realistically. Moreover, it allows people to engage in the brand’s storytelling. No matter your business size, you can always benefit from live streaming. The Virtual Ticket guide will help you know how to deliver your brand message to prospects in innovative ways. Read the book to know different ways you can use to leverage live streaming for your brand.


The Virtual Ticket is now available for free at This book took our Chief Streaming Officer Paul Richards, 3 years to write. Our hope is that this book will push the industry forward and help event organizers and businesses from around the world work with virtual ticket sales. Learning how to increase brand exposure and event marketing with virtual tickets is a powerful new way to promote your business.