PTZOptics Hive Studio – Camera Adjustments

Streamlined Control for Professional Results

PTZOptics Hive Studio offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface designed to give you complete control over your camera settings for optimal video production. The interface is thoughtfully organized with camera sources and adjustment tools easily accessible, enabling quick and efficient management of video inputs and settings.

PTZOptics Hive Color Correction Tools

Navigating the Interface:

1. Camera Source Selection: All available camera sources are displayed on the left-hand side of the Hive Studio interface. This clear layout allows you to quickly see and select from the various connected cameras, making it easy to switch between different video feeds.

2. Accessing Advanced Settings: Click on the cog icon next to each camera source to access advanced settings. Here, you can configure critical video input parameters such as bitrate and stream location. This feature is essential for customizing the data rate and ensuring your video stream is optimized for your specific production needs.

Hive Camera Settings

Comprehensive Adjustment Tools:

1. Color Correction and Image Settings: On the right-hand side of the interface, you will find robust tools for color correction and image adjustments. This section is divided into two tabs:

  • Image Settings Tab: Here, you can fine-tune visual aspects of your video such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Utilize image presets to save specific configurations under unique names, allowing for quick application in future productions.
  • Control Settings Tab: This area allows you to manage the mechanical movements of your cameras. Adjust the focus, pan, tilt, and zoom speeds to match the needs of your scene. Other settings available include zoom options and quick shots for rapid pan, tilt, and zoom movements, perfect for dynamic shooting environments.

2. Saving and Applying Presets: The image settings tab offers the ability to create and save presets. These presets can be named and stored for quick access, enabling you to maintain consistency across different productions or scenes. This feature is particularly useful in multi-camera setups where rapid adjustments are necessary to match the visual output of various sources.

image settings in Hive

Enhancing Production Quality:

Optimal Configuration for Every Production: With PTZOptics Hive Studio, you can ensure that each camera is perfectly configured to capture high-quality video. The advanced settings and presets not only save time but also enhance the production value by allowing precise control over the video output.

Efficient Workflow Management: The logical arrangement of controls and easy access to settings streamline the workflow, making it easier to manage complex productions with multiple cameras. This efficient control setup helps reduce the workload on your production team, allowing them to focus on creative aspects of the production.

Remote Production

PTZOptics Hive Studio’s camera adjustments capability empowers producers and videographers to take full control of their camera settings, ensuring that every production is visually compelling and professionally executed. Whether you’re adjusting for a live event or a controlled studio shoot, Hive Studio provides the tools you need to achieve perfect results every time.

Remote Video Production Software

PTZOptics Hive Studio’s camera adjustment features offer significant advantages for remote production scenarios. These features enable a high level of control and flexibility, which are essential for managing productions from various locations. Here’s how these capabilities make PTZOptics Hive Studio particularly effective for remote production:

1. Centralized Control Over Multiple Cameras:

Remote productions often involve multiple cameras stationed at different locations. PTZOptics Hive Studio’s interface allows producers to manage all camera settings from a single point, regardless of where the cameras are physically located. This centralized control is invaluable, as it eliminates the need to physically adjust each camera or to have a dedicated operator on-site for each camera setup.

2. Advanced Configuration Options:

With features like bitrate adjustment and stream location settings accessible through the advanced settings cog, remote producers can tailor each camera’s stream to optimize for varying internet bandwidths and storage capabilities across different sites. This ensures high-quality production outputs even when streaming over less stable or slower network connections.


advanced remote production settings

3. Real-Time Image and Control Adjustments:

The ability to adjust image settings (like brightness, contrast, and saturation) and control settings (like focus and pan/tilt/zoom speeds) in real-time is crucial for remote production. These adjustments can be made on the fly, reacting immediately to changes in the shooting environment, such as lighting changes or movement within the frame, ensuring that the production maintains a professional quality throughout the broadcast.

4. Presets for Quick Setup and Consistency:

Image presets are a powerful tool for remote production, especially when dealing with multiple cameras across various locations. Presets allow remote operators to quickly apply pre-configured settings to any camera within the network, ensuring consistency in video quality and style across different feeds. This is particularly beneficial for productions that require a uniform look and feel, despite being shot in diverse environments.

5. Efficient Collaboration and Role-Based Access:

PTZOptics Hive Studio facilitates collaboration among remote teams by allowing different roles and permissions to be assigned. For example, a color correction specialist in one city can adjust settings in real time on a camera operating in another city, while a director oversees the entire production from a different location. This role-based access enhances the production’s efficiency and allows for specialized control where needed.

6. Adaptability to Dynamic Production Needs:

The flexibility to quickly switch between cameras, adjust settings, and apply presets makes Hive Studio highly adaptable to the dynamic needs of live remote production. Whether covering live events, conducting interviews, or streaming performances, producers can respond swiftly to any situation, maintaining the production’s integrity and visual appeal.


The comprehensive control features and flexibility offered by PTZOptics Hive Studio make it an excellent tool for remote video production. It provides the necessary capabilities to manage complex, multi-location productions efficiently, ensuring high-quality outputs that are essential in today’s professional broadcast environments. By leveraging Hive Studio, remote production teams can achieve a level of production quality and operational efficiency that meets or exceeds traditional on-site video production standards.