PTZOptics Hive – Instant Collaboration, Sharing and Roles (Admin, Producer, Viewer)

Empower Your Production Team with Real-Time Collaboration and Enhanced Control

PTZOptics Hive transforms remote video production by enabling instant collaboration, comprehensive sharing options, and detailed role assignments. These features ensure that each member of your production team can function efficiently, enhancing both the workflow and the output quality.

role selection for remote production collaboration

1. Share a Link for Instant Access:

PTZOptics Hive allows you to share a link quickly, granting users real-time collaboration capabilities or viewer-only access. This flexibility is crucial for involving various stakeholders in the production process, from team members who need full access to guests who may only need to view the progress. Additionally, you can set expiring studio access, ensuring that access is granted temporarily, just for the needed duration of the project or session.

Share Access Over Internet for PTZ Camera

2. Assign Permissions and Camera Control:

Control who can do what within your production environment by assigning specific roles and permissions:

  • Admin: Has complete control over all sources and the ability to invite or remove users. This role is suited for those managing the overall production.
  • Producer: Can control specific cameras or sources, ideal for individuals focusing on the operational aspects of the production.
  • Viewer: Has access only to view sources, perfect for clients or team members who need to monitor the progress without interacting with the control settings.

You can also assign specific cameras to different operators, enhancing the specialization and efficiency of your team. Permissions can include the ability to set expiration dates for shared invitations or outright delete users to revoke access completely.

3. Real-Time Synchronization Across All Sessions:

All sessions within PTZOptics Hive are synchronized in real-time, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their role, views the same action at the same moment. This synchronization is essential for effective live production, as it allows real-time decision-making and adjustments by various team members, ensuring a cohesive output.

Benefits of PTZOptics Hive for Remote Production:

Enhanced Team Coordination: By allowing various roles and real-time access, Hive facilitates better coordination among team members, who may be distributed globally. Each member can contribute effectively from their location, making remote productions smoother and more integrated.

Flexible Access Control: The ability to control who can access what and for how long offers tremendous flexibility and security for productions of any scale. This not only helps in managing temporary crew members efficiently but also secures the production setup from unauthorized access.

Streamlined Workflow: Real-time synchronization and role-specific functionalities enable a streamlined workflow, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing the overall production quality. Team members can perform their roles without interference but with full visibility into the production’s progress.


PTZOptics Hive’s capabilities for instant collaboration, sharing, and role assignment make it an invaluable tool for modern video production environments. Whether you’re running a live event, a multi-site broadcast, or a complex production with a dispersed team, PTZOptics Hive provides the tools to manage your project efficiently, securely, and in real-time.