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Grow Your Video Communication Skills with Presence Summit

It is no secret that digital transformation and the rise of technology has been on a steady incline for years. In fact, the evolution of video conferencing has been such an innovative part in business development that the majority of them today rely on it heavily to operate successfully. With the organic growth of video communications being leveraged throughout the market and across industries, what really pushed the concept into hyper-speed was the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced people to stay home, work remotely, and learn pretty quickly how to navigate through that new sector.

Better Online Communications
Better Online Communications

But one thing for sure is that if you were pushed into video communications because of the pandemic, you will find that trying to deliver messages effectively might not come as easily as it did in person like you were used to. Even those who have been utilizing this technology for years prior may still find themselves struggling from time to time trying to learn better communication skills that can impact the same way as face to face. The hard reality is that online video communication is an entirely different breed of interpersonal skills that need to be taught, understood, and practiced to really cultivate meaningful exchanges.

Take Advantage of Presence Summit

If you are someone looking to become a better video communicator, because let’s face it, the world is headed full force into this digital realm, then you should not overlook the upcoming, full-day event called Presence Summit. When you sign up for this summit, you can expect to have an entire day filled with valuable presentations hosted by respected professionals and enriching workshops that will not only amplify your abilities, but give you the opportunity to share your personal knowledge as well if you wish. You will start out learning what kind of communicator you are, learn the best video practices, get comfortable in front of the camera, really nail down how to deliver powerful presentations, and so much more.

Furthermore, throughout your time, you will be able to converse with strong influential leaders who are fluent in the modern-day business industry, such as:

  • Paul Richards, the host of this event and who is also the author of The Online Meeting Survival Guide;
  • Bill Mullin, co-organizer of the summit and holding over three decades of experience within the video conferencing industry
  • Joseph Pine, author of the international best-selling book called The Experience Economy;
  • Fatima Doman, empowering influencer and author who focuses on supporting others to reach more resilient, fulfilled lives.

Another thing you should know about this event is that it is not all educational/work. You will have some incredible halftime shows and music performances as well to really spice up the day. For example, you will get to see a live-streamed New York City tour hosted by Ariel Viera. Ariel will take you all through the streets of NYC with some extra unique stops along the way. Then to wrap up, you will be able to experience the talented G. Love, who will be performing at the Summit finale to end your summit on a wonderful note.

Video Communications
Video Communications

Why Are Video Communications So Important?

Though it was touched upon a bit earlier, here is a bit more detail as to why so many businesses, even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, turned to this form of communication.

  • For businesses who conducted meetings via phone, video is a no brainer alternative to increase engagement, connection, and really formulate a stronger team relationship. Though people are more inclined to use proper communication, including posture with this method, it is still ten times better overall to establish a healthy work culture.
  • It increases productivity immensely. This is because when you video call, using tools such as Zoom, you can share screens and work through problems with teammates using visual aids rather than trying to talk it through on the phone, or through lengthy emails.
  • Stepping into a job seeker’s shoes, would you rather exchange emails with your potential manager, call them on the phone, or get to meet them on video to really get a feel for who they are and what they can offer? Video conferencing can open the doors to allow job seekers across the globe to connect with you on a humanized level. It can give you and them a much more personalized introduction, and that in of itself can oftentimes be the make or break interaction if someone chooses to work with you or not.
  • The competitive advantage is quite high for businesses that have video conferencing over those who still do not. When you combine all the benefits together, it is easy to see why implementing video software has such a keen competitive edge. It lowers costs, increases team unity, and can even streamline many current tasks to make for a much smoother operation.
Exciting Video Communications
Exciting Video Communications

Common Mistakes That New Video Communicators Make

  • First and foremost, one of the most common mistakes is the camera angle. If someone is not familiar with speaking into a lens or positioning themselves on the screen, the angle can easily be off. Poor angles can distract those watching you and take away from the message you are trying to send.
  • Another issue that is far too easy to overlook while sitting at home in front of your computer screen is eye contact. Notes are a useful element for those who need guidance to tackle their points, but looking down can dull the personability and risk your listeners from losing focus. Remember, looking down at your notes at a round table is much different than on video.
  • When speaking in person to others, it is a lot more forgiving when it comes to speaking fast or quietly. But that does not work for video conferences. With this, you have to be clear, confident, even-toned, and avoid mumbling. This is a skill all on its own, but that is why Presence Summit has been created, to help you through all the right practices to reach that goal.
  • Poor lighting is another mistake. Either the video is too dark or too bright because the person is facing a window, etc. Though you do not have to invest in studio lighting to get the perfect tones of your face, it would be wise to be in a neutral room with decent lighting, so you are easily visible to others.

Really Dig Deep on How You Are Using Your Online Tools

When you set up a Zoom meeting or organized something on Skype, are you actually using it to its full potential? Or are you just setting up your computer, hitting the “call” button and hoping for the best? If you are doing the latter, then you are missing out on some fundamental aspects that can transform your conferences from dull to full-on engaging.

For instance, did you know that you can stream dual screen for different employees simultaneously with Zoom? Or that it can support MP4 or M4A recording so you can upgrade the quality of your video? These are all tools that you can take advantage of, and if you are not doing so already, you should start doing so now.

Final Thoughts – Be Better with Presence Summit

Video conferencing is well-known to boost productivity, save time, significantly reduce travel expenses, and can genuinely promote excellent collaboration. But the only way businesses can achieve this prime advantage is if they use their online tools wisely, and communicate effectively. Think about it, how many times have you been on a video conference with a poor speaker, or someone not using their tools to the prime capacity, resulting in you losing interest and not retaining the information? Probably far too frequent, and that should be a big motivator for you to not be like that as well.

So, if you are ready to maximize your video communication skills to make positive, superior impacts, sign up for the Presence Summit today, and get ready to see just what you are made of.