Simplified Streaming with PTZOptics

The ability to control multiple, robotic cameras from one location is one of the greatest advances in video technology today. At PTZOptics, we create high-quality solutions that are easy to set up, operate, and integrate with existing systems, at an affordable price. The functionality of PTZOptics cameras has significantly improved with NDI®|HX, a low latency protocol that allows for the direct control of PTZ cameras over an IP network. A single camera operator can control a system of two, four, even 10 cameras, putting more power in the hands of the Videomaker and allowing for broadcast-quality video at a fraction of the cost.

Many different markets are using PTZOptics cameras for high-quality video delivery, creating new opportunities to boost engagement, increase revenue, and optimize workflow. With a variety of cabling options, network connectivity, and remote control capability, PTZOptics cameras are ideal for video production and live streaming applications.

For Your Entertainment

PTZ cameras are being used with great success to live stream or pre-record performances to be enjoyed from the comfort of home, as well as to improve the in-person experience for event attendees. Even theaters are taking advantage of this technology. With a packed house, revenue can be generated by selling virtual tickets to a global audience. And, with how easily multiple cameras can be controlled using a joystick or smartphone, a single employee or volunteer can stream the entire production with little to no training.

NDI®|HX streaming and camera control used by Deadmau5

A great example of PTZOptics camera utilization in a performance space the way Deadmau5, the world-famous electronic musician and DJ, uses them to project video onto a 3D cube as part of his Cube V3 tour. Four cameras are located inside the cube, and projected directly onto the sides of the 3D object, adding something extra special to the audience’s experience.

Back to School

Virtual teaching processes were critical to keeping students engaged during the pandemic. Through a difficult time, students have been able to stay connected to each other and to their professors remotely thanks to video delivery technology.

When the pandemic shut down in-person learning, Rosemont College in Pennsylvania was one of many schools that turned to PTZOptics cameras as a solution for remote and, eventually, hybrid education. Check out the full case study for more information.

Corporate Solutions

If you’ve held a conference call or a board meeting during the pandemic, you know how difficult it can be to create an environment where clear, effective communication is possible, particularly when some people are in office and some are working remotely. Instead of huddling around a laptop webcam with the in-office staff, invest in a quality video conferencing system to ensure your team is able to get the job done.

NDI®|HX Streaming in a corporate setting

As the most widely adopted IP video technology on the market, NDI®|HX is all you need to step up your video conferencing game. NDI®|HX makes it easy to step up the production value of your regular meetings or next corporate live stream. With this protocol, control as many cameras as you want through one IP-connected computer or controller.

Why PTZOptics?

PTZ cameras have a distinct advantage over others on the market, offering remote operation on an IP network, as well as the ability to run video over multiple connections simultaneously. With the NDI®|HX capabilities of PTZOptics cameras, you now have the opportunity to create a broadcast-quality video or live stream that puts you in the driver’s seat in each aspect of production.

For more information on how to take advantage of NDI® technology, download my free book, “The Unofficial Guide to NDI®.”

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