Radio is alive and well

Check out these tips for adding live streaming to your program

  • Radio station owners across the country can rejoice. The medium is far from dead. 
  • According to a Nielsen Total Audience Report based on first quarter 2019 data, 92 percent of U.S. adults listen to radio each week, the highest of any platform. 
  • Accompanying radio’s resilience is the massive growth of live video streaming.
  • Many traditional media outlets (including radio, TV and print outlets)  NOW incorporate live video streams as part of their day-to-day content.
  • Live video streamers have grown into professional producers of content for outlets such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • According to research compiled by Inside Radio ,”the new data also validates the growth of streaming audio with half of all adults now also using use their smartphones to stream audio.”
  • From this information, we can make a strong case that radio is certainly positioned to offer the best of both worlds, and with an existing audience in place, stations now have the ability to live stream their broadcasts, too. 
  • Live streams also can help stations tap into another advertising revenue stream, as live video allows advertisers to reach not just listeners but also viewers. Stations can target local and national companies to invest their advertising dollars into this medium that has multiple ways of reaching potential customers.

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